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My $100 Grocery Haul

June 13, 2016

My $100 Grocery Haul

Last week we used up a lot of meat from the freezer. This week, we are needing to replenish a lot of our pantry staples as well as put together some meals with any sales we are finding. I found that a coupon I used a couple weeks ago was still valid for ground turkey. I print up another copy of it so we can restock our turkey for the freezer. It’s always nice to have a little extra of a versatile chunk of meat.

How much did you spend this time?

We spent $100.65. It was great! This also included some toiletries and some ice cream!

We had a lot of fruits and vegetables on the list this time. Liz wants to start up a diet again, and I will work with her on how to eat healthy and put together simple meals with fruits and vegetables. For this reason, we bought quite a bit. I also found out through the Walmart app I use, I don’t have to analyze my receipt and try to decipher what their shortened versions of the product names are.

And in case you don’t care to read through everything we purchased, here is a picture of our grocery basket:

My $100 Grocery Haul

I can provide a whole list for you of what was actually in the basket:

1 lb of Ground Beef 80/20- $4.38
48 oz Bacon Ends and Pieces- $6.98 (used for at least 3 dinners)
Flat Iron Steak- $6.17
1 lb Jennie-o Ground Turkey- $3.36 each x 2 (I also used a $1.50 off qty 2 coupon) $2.61 each
Ham and Cheese lunchable- $1.68 (Michael wanted it!)
Oscar Meyer Sliced Deli Turkey- $2.50 (used a $0.75 off coupon) $1.75
Red Grapes at 2.48/lb- $5.58
Bananas at 0.52/lb- $0.71
Cucumber at 0.58 each- $1.74
Broccoli at 1.54/lb- $1.20
White Onion at 0.68/lb- $0.66
White Peaches at 1.98/lb- $2.16
Blueberries- $2.64
Strawberries (I didn’t realize I picked up the organic!) $3.46
Cantaloupe- $1.98
Salad Mix- $2.38
Baby Carrots- $1.84
Avocados at 0.50 each- $1.00
Corn on the cob at 5/1.00- $1.00
Taco Seasoning- $0.67
Beef Broccoli Seasoning- $0.78
Snickers Ice Cream Bars- $3.24 (Used a $1.00 off coupon)
Sandwich Bags- $3.97
Kettle Corn- $2.00
Ranch Dressing- $2.18
Cheese Popcorn- $1.68
Cottage Cheese- $2.98
Almond Milk- $1.94
1lb long grain white rice- $0.66
Refried beans- $0.85
.5 gallon milk- $1.88
Corn Tortillas- $1.14
Apple Juice- $2.48
128 oz vegetable oil- $5.98
5lbs potatoes- $1.67

And then there were a few other things on the list that weren’t part of our groceries. But even with adding those extra things onto the same receipt, I still only paid $100.65!

What will you have for dinner this week?

This week we only have 5 dinners planned.

1- Beef Broccoli
2- Taco Night
3- Chicken Dinner
4- Breakfast for Dinner
5- Chicken Bites

I will be working 6 days this week and the kids will be home from school so we’re just getting ourselves into the summer schedule and seeing what kind of eating patterns they will have this year. Last year the twins ended up sleeping in until 2pm so they didn’t eat dinner all too often. And if they did, it would end up being a very, very late snack. Sometimes after midnight, don’t know if you can still call that a midnight snack!

Look forward to hearing about your grocery trips. Leave a comment below

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    1. Hey Latoya,
      You should just keep at it. The simplest of meals usually take the least amount of time, the least amount of effort, and cost less with less ingredients.
      My favorite recipe right now- My Mango and Banana smoothie. How many ingredients? 5! And that makes a whole meal for myself for breakfast or a snack after my workout.
      The recipe can be found on my weight loss post from yesterday-

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