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My $101 Grocery Haul

August 16, 2016

My $101 Grocery Haul

My $101 Grocery Haul- Getting the kids ready for Back to School

This weekend I hosted a no-spend weekend on Instagram. I had such a great time seeing my Instagram friends spending time with family, with friends, and enjoying things that don’t cost money to enjoy. Because we ran the No-Spend Weekend we didn’t have the chance to go grocery shopping like we normally do. That’s why this week’s Grocery Haul is being posted today.

As per usual, we went to Walmart

Michael and I were having such a hard time trying to figure out what to make for the week. The kids will be going back to school tomorrow (on a Wednesday? Schools are weird with their scheduling now). They didn’t know what they would want to eat for breakfast, or what they want to bring for a snack at school. Remember, they’re in high school so actually eating a “lunch” isn’t cool. Kids.

Finally after going back and forth for quite some time, we decided to cook through whatever was left in our freezer. Sometimes it’s easier to decide what you’ll eat by just cooking what’s on hand. In the spirit of the no-spend weekend we were thinking that we would do alright by shopping this way. Just a few ingredients here and there, and no need to buy meat.

Well- even without buying meat, we found ourselves spending our regular budget money. The kids finally came up with ideas of what they would like to eat while we were at the grocery store, so we had added in the extra items to our list.

Here is what’s on the menu for this week:

Kids Breakfast:

Kids Lunch:

Dinners for the week:
Breakfast for Dinner
Chicken Bites
Philly Cheese Steaks
Chicken Salad
Chicken Dinner
Beef Broccoli

And here is what we purchased:

Bananas- 2.32lbs at $0.52/lb- $1.21
Bottled Water- $3.33
Baby Carrots- $1.84
Apples- $4.94 (This was labeled as $3.54) Oops
Peaches- 2.12lbs at $1.28/lb- $2.71
Broccoli- 1.65lbs at $1.54/lb- $2.54
Green Bell Peppers- 2x $0.78- $1.56
Cucumber- 2x $0.38- $0.76
Green Onion- $0.94
Zucchini- 1.39lbs at $1.28/lb- $1.78
Spinach- $2.94
Jicama- 1.63lbs at $0.98/lb- $1.60
Onion- 1.30lbs at $0.98/lb- $1.27
Pecan Halves 1lb- $11.42
Gluten Free Pasta- $3.12
Arby’s Seasoned Curly Fries- $2.78
Blueberries- $1.98
Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Granola- $3.48
Walnut Halves 6oz- $3.34
Beef Broccoli Seasoning- $0.78
Frozen TV Dinner- $1.00
Frozen TV Dinner- $1.00
Kid Cuisine Frozen Dinner- $2.00
Kid Cuisine Frozen Dinner- $2.00
Fruit Roll Ups, Gushers- $3.94
Oatmeal- $2.98
Mac & Cheese- $0.98
Garlic Salt- $3.44
Vegetable Oil- $2.38
Aloe Drink- $2.28
Root Beer- $1.00
Milk- $1.98
Apple Juice- $2.48
Flat Iron Steak- $7.50
Chips- $5.98
18 eggs- $3.46

Total- $100.77

You will see on our grocery list there are TV dinners. Michael likes to eat these as a snack during the day. I needed to refill my containers of walnuts and pecans- so about $15 was used to refill those. Also ran out of garlic salt- another $3.50 there. And finally the gluten free pasta is not something we normally eat but because I’m wanting a little taste of pasta, and I’m not eating corn either, the cheaper gluten free alternatives were out. This was a one time purchase. I’m sure I will have this for a few weeks. And we hadn’t had to purchase the chips and fruit snacks all summer so that has saved us about $10 a week.

It’s funny how going back to school makes the kids eat more. I guess because they’re up so much earlier, there are more daylight hours for them to fill with snacks and meals. They’ve been getting up at around 12pm the whole summer, so they’ve skipped breakfast and sometimes skip over lunch too. They’re not starving though! The kids eat snacks and then have dinner and want a full meal for dessert too, but not much additional food.

My Grocery Hauls will be a little fuller over the next few months. Hopefully we don’t go over budget. I don’t think we will though. I think we’ve built such a good understanding of what we need that we shouldn’t even hit our old budget of $125 per week.

Let me know how your grocery hauls are going!


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