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My $104 Grocery Haul

July 17, 2016

$104 Grocery Haul

It’s been a good amount of time since we have had a proper grocery haul. Now getting back into it, you can see what we purchased, and how much we spent.

Last week the twins were at their parent’s house visiting. So for that whole week Michael and I had a smaller grocery list and we were able to squeeze in enough meals to make it last. This week, the kids are back home and we planned for the whole week.

How do you meal plan?

We meal plan by asking the kids separately what they would like to eat for the week. They will usually throw out the same 4 or 5 suggestions each week. This week, they agreed on 3 meals, and then I took the other suggestions and threw them into the mix as well.

If you ask the kids what they want, then you wont waste the time and effort making something they wont eat. Especially when you have picky eaters. Feed them what they want.

But, our kids are also 15 years old. They’re starting to form their own opinions. Soon enough they will be learning how to cook their own meals. They should’ve been learning already!

Here’s what they chose:

Breakfast for Dinner
Pork Chops
Chicken Dinner
Chicken Wings

We also have the ingredients to make some lunches too:

Grilled cheese sandwiches
Homemade pizzas
Crockpot Salsa Chicken
Mango and Banana Smoothies

My $104 Grocery Haul

And here is what it all costs:

Case of Bottled Water- $2.48
Chicken Wings- $9.08 (Cheaper than Wing Stop!)
Chicken Drumsticks, Wings, Thighs- $7.67
Ground Beef- 2.25 lbs- $7.84 (This will make two dinners)
Bacon- $11.33 (This will last three weeks- we portion it and freeze it)
Pork Chops- $5.34
Taco Shells and Seasoning- $2.50
Rice a Roni- $0.97
Bisquick pancake mix- $2.38 (This will last two weeks)
Pizza Crust x2- $0.52 each- $1.04
Canned corn x4- $0.68 each- $2.72
Shredded Mozzarella- $2.22
Shredded Colby Jack- $2.22
Mac & Cheese- $0.98
Spaghetti- $1.00
Bread- $1.48
Food Saver bags- $8.98 (used to portion and freeze meats)
Mild Salsa- $1.98
Spaghetti Sauce- $1.77
Aloe drink- $1.28
Mango x3- $0.50 each- $1.50
Garlic Bread- $3.48
Apples- $1.47/lb- $1.79
Bananas- $0.52/lb- $1.34
½ Gallon Milk- $1.88
Cucumber x2- $0.58 each- $1.16
Blueberries- $2.64
Apple Juice- $2.48
Peaches- $1.28/lb- $1.61
Baby Carrots- $1.18
Mug Root Beer x2- $1.00 each- $2.00
Potatoes- 8lbs- $5.24

Total- $103.99

That brings us to 6 dinners, 4 different types of lunches (these can be repeated) and we will have some ingredients which will roll over into next week as well. The extra chicken from the drumstick, thigh, wing combo will go in the freezer for future weeks and different meals.

The family is all fed for the week!

If anyone would like recipes for anything, leave a comment below!


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    1. Haha don’t be disappointed, it’s just chicken wings, fried in vegetable oil, and then tossed in Frank’s Red Hot sauce. Quick and simple. and doesn’t cost too much.

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