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My $165 Grocery Haul

July 24, 2016

My $165 Grocery Haul

Wow! Did you see that number?


What did I buy?

As it turns out, for the first time in a long while we ran out of everything all at once. We needed to pick up paper plates, dish soap, napkins, foil, and freezer bags. It also turns out that we are running low on meats in the freezer.

All of these things contributed to our really high grocery bill. What also had a large impact on it- I’m working on eating separate dinners every night from what the kids normally eat.

If you’ve been following my Weight Loss Journey, you will see that I’m really trying to work on my weight. And from what you all already know about my picky eaters at home, this doesn’t allow for us to eat a whole lot of variety in our meal plans. Or a whole lot of healthy choices either…

So I’ve decided to separate myself from the pack. I’ll be working on myself a little more. Is it more expensive? Yes. Will I feel better about what I’m eating and better about myself? Probably. Is it worth the added cost? Definitely!

You’ll be able to see a few things different about our grocery haul this week because of needing the extra essentials as well as my separate foods.

$165 Grocery Haul

Here are the meals we have planned for this week:

Breakfast for dinner
Chicken Dinner
Shake & Bake
Chicken Bites
Beef Broccoli
Pork Chops

Michael got some extras for lunch for himself too:

Frozen meals
Philly Cheese Steaks



Frozen Banquet Meals- 4 at $1.00 each- $4.00
Taquitos- $4.98
Pizza Rolls- $1.86
Hot Pockets- $2.18
Blue Bonnet Fake Butter- $0.98
Sweet Cream Butter- $3.48
Shake & Bake Seasoning- $1.94
Mac & Cheese- $0.98
Frozen thinly sliced steak- $9.98
Freezer bags- $5.38
Almond Butter- $6.98
Franks RedHot Wing Sauce- $4.48
Dinty Moore Beef Stew- $2.18
2lbs white rice- $1.18
Beef Broccoli Seasoning- $0.78
Sliced Mozzarella- $2.47
Sliced Provolone- $2.47
Frozen French Fries- $2.00
White Onion- 1.22 lb at $0.98 per lb- $1.20
Green Bell Pepper- $0.78
Spinach bunch- $1.18
Broccoli Crowns- 1.70lb at $1.54 per lb- $2.62
Mangoes- 4 at $0.50 each- $2.00
Baby Yellow Potatoes- $3.97
Peaches- 1.23 lb at $1.68 per lb- $2.07
Pork Chops- $6.57
Beef Chuck Steak- $8.09
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts- $9.29
Mug Root Beer 2 liter- $1.00
Aloe Vera Drink- $2.28
Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn bags- $3.98
Lightly Salted Lays Potato Chips- $2.50
Paper Plates- $4.97
Colombo sliced French Bread- $3.28
Apple Juice- $2.48
Vegetable Oil- $5.98

Dollar Tree


Napkins- 3 at $1.00 each- $3.00
Foil Sheets- 3 at $1.00 each- $3.00
Dawn Dish Soap- 2 at $1.00 each- $2.00



Fresh Ginger- 0.20lb at $3.99 per lb- $0.80
Organic Kale- $0.98
Organic Raspberries- 2 for $5.00- $5.00
Sweet Potatoes- 1.82lb at $1.49 per lb- $2.71
Garbanzo Bean Flour- $2.79
Farmer Cheese- $4.99
Bulk Bin Barley- 0.57lb at $0.99 per lb- $0.56
Bulk Bin Turmeric- 0.05lb at $9.44 per lb- $0.47
Lamb Shoulder Chop- $3.51
Grass Fed Beef- $6.55
Ezekiel Flax Bread- $4.79

Now all I need to do is figure out what kind of meals I’m going to put together with what I purchased at Sprouts- I didn’t meal plan on that one.

I figured it would just come to me. A little bit of salt and pepper goes a long way for seasoning meat. And I bought the almond butter from Walmart to go with the Ezekiel bread from Sprouts. It looks like I will be eating some toast and almond butter next week.

I love getting creative in the kitchen. Meal planning can sometimes take the fun out of cooking, but it’s great for the budget. I will think of something to make.

Maybe some seasoned barley with lamb and a kale spinach salad? I think I just came up with one meal from that. There are also some rice noodles in the pantry with some beef stock, I can finally make that poor excuse for Pho. I think it would be better called Steak and Noodle Soup!

I look forward to hearing about your grocery hauls and meal plans this week!


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