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5 Ways to Save When Working Out

May 24, 2016


My Maid of Honor is in town for the next few weeks. She lives in New Jersey, but works remotely for the same company I do. She is very fit, very healthy, and always encourages me to go out with her to do some exercise. I’m the opposite. Not very fit, not so healthy, and always the one in need of the encouragement.

What happened?

Yesterday after work she said we were going walking- and just like that, my workout was scheduled. We drove over to my house, picked up my workout clothes and started out on the trails. Her initial idea was to go 6 miles. Whoa whoa whoa! I haven’t been walking more than a mile and a half in a long time. I talked her down a little bit. Next suggestion- 4 miles in 1 hour! I’m a speed walker for sure, but I’ve never hit a 4 mph stride. So then, I said what about 3 miles? Well, she wasn’t satisfied with that either. So we started out on the trail behind a family with a stroller who was keeping up a pretty fast pace. I didn’t want to walk beside them the whole time so I had to push myself to walk fast right off the bat to gain as much distance as possible from this family. And before I knew it, we had quite the gap between us. After walking for 30 minutes, we turned back around. At the end of the hour, we had walked 3.78 miles! Almost the 4 miles that I thought would be impossible!

That’s so great!

Thank you! It felt good to know that I almost reached the goal we had set and that it wouldn’t have been too difficult to cut out the times we slowed down a bit so we could push ourselves to walk faster. All this week and next week she’s got plans for us to walk walk walk. I’ll be ready!

But it got me thinking, there are so many ways that I can get myself back into exercising. I always put it off, and find excuses why I can’t exercise. Money is a big one.

Here are 5 ways that I save when working out:

1- You don’t need a Personal Trainer– The biggest way to motivate me to do something, is to have someone else do all of the hard work of finding the right exercises, the right food, finding the time and the motivation to get all of this done. Personal Trainers can be REALLY expensive though! Instead of paying for a personal trainer, have a friend hold you accountable! As I mentioned before, my maid of honor Melody is very healthy and very fit. And she is the one who helps hold me accountable to the goals that I already set myself. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of encouragement to get me started on my goals again.

2- Cancel your Gym Membership– How many months out of the year do you look over your personal finances and see subscriptions for things that you don’t even actually use, or if you do use the services, maybe you’re not using them as often as you think you do? You’re not alone! I hear a lot of my friends mention how much their gym memberships cost and how they really need to get BACK to the gym. Wait a minute, you mean you’re paying for the membership but not actually going?! Why not go for a walk? I’m not a runner. I definitely do not run. But I walk. And in the past (though I needed a little motivation to keep up with it) I had lost about 25 pounds by walking and managing my calories.

3- Buy a workout DVD– If you are going to spend the money to work out, at least invest in some good workout DVDs. I find that if I’m at home and in the comfort of my own living room, I workout harder and I’m not worried about how I look the whole time or how much sweat is dripping. You can even save on these workout DVDs by going to the thrift store and sorting through the selection. There are a few used music and movie stores in the area like Streetlight Records and Rasputin. They have specials like 3 DVDs for $10 and I’ve found some Jillian Michaels DVDs on their shelves too! A much better investment because I can watch the DVDs over and over again. A gym membership will only last as long as you pay for it.

4- Find a good pair of shoes– It may cost a little more money up front, but finding a good pair of shoes if you will be walking or running and taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors will help keep you from injuries. Shoes that don’t fit, or shoes that are too old, or even shoes that are made for other purposes should not been worn to work out in. I have come home with many blisters, developed calluses, and twisted an ankle while wearing the wrong type of shoes to work out in. This is one expense that will save you some medical bills in the long run!

5- And probably the best advice I can give… Eat fruits and vegetables– Sometimes cleaning up your diet can be something you even save money on! I’ve seen some of those infographics that talk about spending the same amount of money on junk food vs healthy food and how you get so much more food on the healthy side. You either get one meal out of a bucket of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, or you can get multiple meals out of a regular chicken you cook yourself, a huge bag of potatoes, and some brown rice. You save money, you eat healthier, and you feel better overall from the inside out.

How do you save money on your workouts? Leave a comment below


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