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My $50 Grocery Haul

May 30, 2016

My $50 Grocery Haul

This week for our grocery shopping, it turned out we were able to cook from the freezer. We have some meat in the freezer that we can use, and plenty of food in the pantry. In using this extra food we purchased from previous grocery hauls, we were able to cut our costs down. And as I continue planning out the meals every week, I want to stay below $100. Every extra penny goes towards our savings. And every bit of savings gets us closer and closer to our goals!

What’s on the menu for this week’s grocery haul?

This week, we have 5 dinners planned:

Beef Broccoli
Homemade Pizzas
Buffalo Chicken Bites
Breakfast for Dinner

Sounds similar to what you had last week…

Because I had a lot of late nights at work, our dinners were a little scattered. We ended up eating snack foods for dinner one night, and another night we went the fast food route (I know, I know… bad) but all of that should change this week! With the long holiday weekend, there shouldn’t be an excuse not to get in an extra day of home cooked dinner. Although, on Tuesday I’m putting in some serious overtime. I think I’ll be at work for a good 12 hours. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Maybe we’ll put off my cooking nights for other nights of the week and Michael can take care of dinner on Tuesday. Luckily, Michael is a great cook! Like tonight, with the Beef Broccoli dinner we had planned. It was delicious! We had saved 1/3 of the beef we had purchased to use in last week’s beef roast dinner. This meat was frozen and sliced up thin to mix with the marinade. He saves me from having to cook most of the time, but I have my specialty dinners- like the waffles in the Breakfast for Dinner meal 🙂

Oh yeah, it’s Memorial Day Weekend

Yeah, three day weekend! I was hoping to get in a good picture of the food we actually buy, so you can see what I’m talking about, not just hear about the trip. However, because it was so busy at Walmart today as everyone was shopping to prepare their BBQ dinners for this evening, the picture I took of our cart was so rushed. So, guess what? It got a little blurry! So please don’t mind the blurry photo this time around, next week the picture will be much better, more clear, and you’ll be able to see everything in the wonderful fluorescent lighting from the local Walmart! Our kitchen is so dark that we can never get in any good photos. Anyway, here it is:

IMG_20160529_124136 (1)

How much did everything cost this week?

Without needing to purchase too much- we had the ingredients for the Beef broccoli, homemade pizzas, and Buffalo Chicken Bites, also had most of the ingredients for Breakfast for Dinner- the total came to: $50.87! We didn’t need to purchase any meat, and hardly had to buy too many ingredients, but having a sick kid at home- we still needed to make sure he had some chicken noodle soups and some other things to help him get better soon! Hopefully Max will be able to rest and sleep more tomorrow so he can get over this cold. Summer colds are the worst!

Next week we will see what else is left in the freezer and try to put together a few more meals. If not, then I may be going back up closer to $100 next week. Come by to see how things go. Leave a comment below


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