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My $52 Grocery Haul

June 6, 2016


Another small grocery haul! As you read in the last post we had a few mishaps with the meal planning last week. We wont be having that happen to us again this week!

What does the grocery haul look like?

Here is a picture:


This time I think I got a pretty good picture. At least it looks like a good quality picture on my phone… There is some fruit in there too, it’s just under the tortillas and the garlic bread! We didn’t have too much to buy this time around. There was only one pack of chicken thighs that needed to be purchased. I didn’t have quite enough in the freezer for one of the meals on the list. So instead, I will be adding the extra thighs to the freezer so next time we have enough for a full meal.

What’s on the list?

Because of the 7 day weather forecast predicting some higher temperatures, we are trying not to use the oven on the hotter days of the week which happen to be Sunday thru Tuesday, and again on Saturday. The other days, fairly normal for this time of year, around the mid to high 70’s. Not bad. Gotta love the Silicon Valley weather! But for those hotter days, we have some stove top only recipes. The cooler days, the oven will be used.

Sunday: Buffalo Chicken Bites
Monday: Taco Night
Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner
Wednesday: Chicken Dinner
Thursday: Lasagna
Friday: Homemade Pizzas
Saturday: Leftovers and Snacking

Do you often have leftovers during the week?

We do usually have a little bit of leftovers. I would say that because of the way we cook, and the meals we prepare, there aren’t usually too many leftovers but when there are, either I will eat it for lunch at work or one of the kids will eat leftovers after school. With Summer coming up, there will be a lot more raiding of the refrigerator so it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra servings in the fridge. There are times though that I feel a meal wasn’t really what everyone wanted for that night and we just end up with too much. We still haven’t gotten ourselves into the habit of freezing single servings of anything though I think we may eventually get into it. I hate the idea of throwing away food at the end of the week.

What was the total for this week?

As you saw in the basket, we didn’t have too much to purchase. There were two cans of spray paint that made their way into the cart because of a project that Max is working on. He has a mini bike he’s been rebuilding and he wants to repaint it to finish the project off. But I think this is the second or third round of paint that has been purchased. Maybe he didn’t like the color before? Anyway, he was the one purchasing it with his own money. After removing the cost of the spray paint, the total comes to $52.45.

I used two coupons which helped to bring the original price down by $1.75. One was for the lunch meat I use in some turkey wraps for my lunches at work if there aren’t any leftovers from the night before. Also purchased some avocados for those same wraps. And paired with some mozzarella cheese we have in the fridge, makes for a pretty healthy but delicious lunch! The other coupon was for Oscar Meyer’s beef sausage. We usually buy the other brand, but this one didn’t taste too bad when we bought it with a coupon last week too. We use the beef sausage for our Breakfast for Dinner night.

What does your grocery haul look like for the week? Leave a comment below


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