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My $59 Grocery Haul

July 12, 2016

My $59 Grocery Budget

So the twins are spending time with their parents this week on their summer vacation. They will be out of the house the entire week so Michael and I only needed to get groceries for the both of us.

How much did you spend on this grocery haul?

We spent $59.21. The odd thing about it- we only got dinners for three nights! We still have some other meals we can make with the frozen meat in the freezer, and we had a “gourmet lunch” but for the sake of this post, it will be rather short.

The meals for this week:

French Bread Pizza (this was the gourmet lunch! Haha)
Chicken Dinner
Beef Broccoli
Pot Roast

We took advantage of the kids being away that we would be able to eat what WE want to eat, and not just what the kids would eat. Though Michael is a picky eater, he still has a few good meals he eats. Beef Broccoli is one of them. I like the added vegetables I get to eat, and he gets to eat something other than a cheeseburger!

I’ll also be making a homemade Pho inspired beef noodle dish

The grocery list looks like this:

Broccoli- $1.54/lb= $1.68
Mangoes- $0.78 each x 3= $2.34
Zucchini- $1.28/lb= $2.05
Onion- $0.98/lb= $0.79
Avocado- $0.58 each x 2= $1.16
Bananas- $0.52/lb= $0.70
Peaches- $1.28/lb= $1.77
Celery- $1.38
Pepperoni- $3.86
Oscar Meyer Deli Meat- $2.50
French Bread- $1.00
Sliced Mushrooms- $1.98
1lb Baby Carrots- $1.18
Beef Broccoli Seasoning- $0.78
Pot Roast Seasoning & Bag- $2.18
Tomato Sauce- $0.33 each x 6= $1.98
Rice Noodles- $2.18
4 lb Sugar- $1.98
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese- $2.22
Tortillas- $2.98
Pizza Sauce- $1.14
Potatoes- 5lbs- $1.67
Chicken Thighs- $3.92
Beef Roast- $12.43
White Rice- 1 lb- $0.66
Kraft Singles- $3.78

Next week with the kids back we will be going through a regular meal plan. Keep an eye out!


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