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My $68 Grocery Haul

August 7, 2016

My $68 Grocery Haul

Michael and I went out this morning pretty early to start some of our errands. What we didn’t anticipate was stopping in for our groceries. We usually make a list and run through our pantry to be sure we have a plan.

You can see more about our process in my 7 tips to lower your grocery budget post.

Because we didn’t have a plan in place for what we would be buying, we went a little off track. Luckily we didn’t go so far off that we blew our budget. However, I will point out one thing: we forgot ingredients. I had also written another post about why you should never shop without a list. I should have taken my own advice.

What advice?

You should always make a list. Because we had been out already, we decided to stop for groceries on the way home. No list was made. We racked our brains for foods we may or may not have in our pantry. We chose all of the meals listed below, but you’ll see that Cheese Burgers was originally supposed to be Tacos. If you don’t have a list- you forget ingredients. We forgot the taco shells and taco seasoning. Also, looking through our pantry after we got home, there were no tortillas to make shells. So we had to improvise. We have a loaf of white bread and some kraft singles in the fridge. Yay for backup pantry items. Another meal is born! Cheese burgers!

The meals for this week:

Shake and Bake
Buffalo Chicken Bites
Cheese Burgers (was originally tacos)
Breakfast for Dinner
Homemade Pizza

You’ll also notice another change in what we purchased for the week. There are quite a few frozen dinners on the list. The kids have been ESPECIALLY picky the last few weeks. Instead of buying $2.00 per serving meat, and $1.00 per serving sides that they wont eat, we bought them quick meals. I hate frozen meals. There is never enough in the portions for me to eat. The flavors are never as good. But if the kids will eat it, I guess I will cave.

Here is what we bought:

Banquet Mac & Cheese Dinner- 2 at $1.00 each- $2.00
Banquet Chicken Strips Meal- 2 at $1.00 each- $2.00
Kelloggs Eggo Waffles- $2.00
Bagel Bites- $2.24
Kid Cuisine Chicken Nugget Meal- 2 @ $2.00 each- $4.00
Canned Corn- 4 at $0.68 each- $2.72
Hormel No Bean Chili- $1.98
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese- $0.98
Totino’s pizza rolls- $3.00
Oreos- $3.56
Lamb Chops- $5.31
Ground Beef- 1lb- $3.27
Paper Plates- $4.97
Baby Carrots- $1.18
Shredded Colby Jack Cheese- $2.22
Blueberries- 1 pint- $2.64
Green Bell Pepper- 2 at $0.78 each- $1.56
Bananas- 1.87lb at $0.52 per pound- $0.97
Peaches- 1.27lb at $1.28 per pound- $1.63
Apricots- 0.63lb at $2.48 per pound- $1.56
Apple Juice- $2.48
Toilet Paper- $6.47
White cheddar popcorn small bags- $5.98
Mug Root Beer- 2 at $1.00 each- $2.00

Total Spent- $68.59

If we had the chance to plan a little better, we probably would’ve asked the kids what they wanted to eat this week. They may have had opinions which would cause us to drop all of the frozen food, and aim for more that we can cook at home.

Convenience is a tricky thing.

How are your grocery hauls going this week?



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