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My $94 Grocery Haul

May 23, 2016

My $94 Grocery Haul

This week on my grocery trip, instead of going to the regular Walmart, we went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market which is the grocery store version of Walmart. No clothes, no automotive, no fishing section- just the groceries and the toiletries. Here is how my grocery haul went!

How did it compare?

We have shopped here many times before. I don’t prefer going to the neighborhood market, though. I feel like the layout is all wrong and can make it harder for me to find everything I need which can cause me to spend more time in the aisles and then… overspend.

Did you overspend this time?

I went through the groceries and the original cost was supposed to come up to $60. We have some frozen meat to use for dinners this week, so we only needed to buy one chunk of meat. Then as we got to the store, we started up and down the aisles. It looked like it would keep going according to plan at $60. I found all of the items on the list. Michael added in a few things for the kids to eat for lunch and then we remembered we needed to restock on toilet paper and paper plates.

How much did your total come to?

We ended up spending $94.26. This is under the $100 goal I had. And I will keep running on this goal which will save me at least $20 a week. This will get us 5 dinners, with leftovers for the other days, and enough lunch for the kids and I to eat for the week. It also gets us some extra food to move on into next week as well.

What’s on the menu for this week?

This week we will be having:
Beef Broccoli with white rice
Beef Pot Roast
Buffalo Chicken Bites with rice a roni
Breakfast for Dinner
Turkey Spaghetti

Sounds good!

The menu is a little bit different than what we usually make. Michael and I enjoy eating the beef broccoli and the pot roast. However, the kids don’t really like it too much, so we will be adding some other foods in on those days since they wont be eating a lot of what is prepared.

On another note-

Over the past few weeks, we have been noticing that some of the foods we buy for dinner end up expiring within a few days. This has been a big thing we have been looking at. If it’s not a meat we will be freezing, then we plan the meals during the week based on the expiration dates.

Example: The garlic bread we buy for the spaghetti dinners, there was only one on the shelf. The expiration date on the package was for tomorrow! Guess we’re having spaghetti tomorrow!

And, I did find out something good today, Liz told me that she likes the turkey spaghetti better than the ground beef spaghetti we usually make. We had made the turkey version before when everyone was trying to eat a little healthier in the house, and it turns out she prefers the taste. The spaghetti nights are usually made for Liz and her preference for dinner for that night, so I’m glad that she likes the turkey because it’s also more affordable! By at least $1 or so! And the Jennie-O brand of ground turkey has coupons available. That saved us an additional $1.50 on two pounds of ground meat.

How did your grocery haul go this weekend? Leave a comment below


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