Bay Area Budgeter

April 24, 2016

Bay Area Budgeter Blog

Welcome to the Bay Area Budgeter Blog!

On this blog I will be writing about what it’s like to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and how to be thrifty and money conscious in the very¬†expensive Silicon Valley. Most of the blogs I have read about saving money, financial goals, mortgage pay off, and other money saving behaviors have been from those who are living in other parts of the country.

Out here in the Bay Area, the cost of living is so high that most “normal” people are struggling to make it by. These are people with “average” incomes. People who could live comfortably in other regions.

My main goal for this blog is to take you through my journey of saving money, being thrifty, and ultimately my biggest goal- to save enough money to pay for my house in cash in 3-5 years.

What else will you find on here? Meal plans, thrift store finds, a family living on a single income in Silicon Valley, healthy meals on a budget, no spend weeks, and more…

We are planning on building the house of our dreams, but I refuse to go into debt to do it. Follow me on my journey to make my goal a reality. Hopefully along the way, I can help you through your journey as well!


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