Cooking in the Kitchen

June 16, 2016

Cooking in the Kitchen

I would say the best time Michael and I spend together is when we are cooking in the kitchen. We both enjoy cooking. A lot. I love searching for recipes, trying new ingredients, and finding fresh new flavors to incorporate into my own diet. Michael enjoys making things and this creativity even flows into his cooking. He may not eat a lot of the dishes he prepares, but he knows that someone in the house will love eating them!

What about the picky eaters?

Everyone in the house is pretty picky about what they will eat, so if the menu item is a little different than what we normally make, it usually ends up being a meal for me and a separate meal for everyone else. I can’t say I complain about having meals prepared just for me. Makes me feel special!

Over the past few days Michael has been cleaning up the around the house. We accumulate quite a bit of junk every few months and need to be reminded that an uncluttered kitchen is amazing to cook in. He cleared off the entire counter (didn’t realize how long our countertops really are) and now we have so much more room for different prep stations and projects.

What do you mean, “Projects?”

From the Wedding Series post this past Saturday, you would’ve seen that there are a lot of last minute details before the wedding next weekend! Michael spent a few hours wrapping the plasticware yesterday!


This evening I spent time working on the favor boxes with him:


And while he started cooking, I finished up with the cake server set.

What was on the menu for tonight?

Tonight we made beef broccoli. Michael cut up the meat and started browning it. Once the beef was browned, he cut up the onion and threw that in. While he was working on the onion, I was making the beef broccoli seasoning. We buy a pre-mixed seasoning for $0.78. We could probably make a cheaper seasoning sauce by mixing up different ingredients already on hand but we know we like this recipe, so at this time we will stick with the convenience. He finished with adding in the broccoli, then I took over with the sauce. As all of this was happening, the rice was finishing up in the rice cooker and before we knew it- our dinner was done.

What about for the kids?

For the kids… Actually Liz likes beef broccoli. She doesn’t eat as much of the broccoli but she will eat the beef and onions over rice. And for Max- Michael was making him a hamburger on the side.

But as we were cooking, we were bumping into each other (its a small kitchen), I did some dishes, he was telling me about his day, and we just enjoyed the time laughing back and forth and making dinner together.

These little moments are the ones I enjoy the most and can’t wait to have more of. In the midst of all the planning for the wedding and my long days at work, at least I know I can look forward to those nights when we are Cooking in the Kitchen.

What are those little moments you cherish with your spouse? Leave a comment below


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