Family Time

May 20, 2016

Family Time

For the past week we’ve had Michael’s nephew staying with us. We find that during the times that he visits, because he’s the same age as the twins, we can easily include him in our regular weekly activities and our Family Time.

What do you guys do?

We spend a lot of time on our devices. Yes, TV going in the background, and everyone on their cell phones playing games. But the nice thing? We’re all together in the living room. What makes it a little more engaging- we’re playing games against each other! Michael and I are getting really into the game Tsum Tsum with the Disney round characters and you match up so many of them in a row… we’re battling each other for a little “fun competition!” The kids are playing some game called Clash Royale or something like that? It’s a tower defense game or at least that’s what I’m understanding, but they’re setting up different teams and battling other teams online. It’s fun to hear them planning out the next round together.

Sounds like a lot of online time…

It can be. However, earlier we were outside throwing a football around to switch things up a little bit. I had gotten off of work early today- we had a big meeting- so I was off work at around 4. I was excited to be able to come home and think about eating dinner at a normal time, but ended up losing motivation to do anything once I got here. The kids had gone outside to toss around the football, and after feeling pretty restless just sitting in the house, Michael and I decided to go outside with the kids and join in. I throw a pretty mean spiral!

What other family things do you all get involved with?

We like to get the kids involved in different activities. Max is really into fundraising. He’s currently raising funds for… himself! At the high school the twins attend, they don’t sell any sweets. No candy, no soda, and from what I hear, not much of anything else either. Max has looked at this as a money-making opportunity. He wants to save up for a car (I don’t even want to THINK about the twins out there driving yet, but I think it’s going to happen pretty soon. They turn 16 in about 6 months!) I’m definitely going to support him wanting to save up for such a large purchase. The same way that we are saving for the house, he is really motivated to save up for the car. We bring him to Walmart so he can buy value packs of candy and sells them for about $1 each bar. He has also expanded his business to include soda and chips. Max now carries around about 15 pounds of extra snacks but is able to make himself about $200 a week! He says that’s pure profit, I think he needs to recalculate, and understand what “profit” means. I think he really only makes about $100. Either way, if he continues to save, he should reach his goal in no-time!

What about Liz?

Liz is very much a homebody. She likes to stay home. She keeps pretty quiet, but she is getting herself interested in playing the piano. Once she gets herself a little more discipline with playing, we will look into some lessons. That will come out of our “miscellaneous” portion of our budget. Otherwise, she’s playing the piano she got for Christmas and has been using free apps on her phone to teach herself how to play. She’s definitely learning!

And finally, for you and Michael, how do you spend family time together?

We love playing board games. We collect special edition Monopoly boards. It has been quite some time since we have added a new board to our collection, but there are other things that we are finding to be more of a priority right now, like saving money. That doesn’t mean we don’t still do some window shopping in the board game specialty shops! Yes, those do exist! This is our way to “nerd out” as the kids call it. We also have a few TV shows that we keep up with!

All of these are ways that we spend quality family time. Our little family is unique, but spending time together is such a wonderful thing. We spend our family time doing things that don’t cost us any additional money so it turns more into enjoying each others company than adding stress from expensive outings.

What are some things that you do to spend quality time with your family? Leave a comment below.


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