Feeling Charitable

May 30, 2016

This is my follow up post to another posting from two weeks ago Feeling Like A Slob where I talked about how overwhelmed I felt with all the extra clutter in my house. My first undertaking for decluttering was to clean out the closets. As we were cleaning out the closets, we were feeling charitable and wanted to donate whatever we found. Take a look at how that turned out:

IMG_0107 (2)

This picture shows all of the things in our closet we decided we no longer wanted. You’ll see on the right side is a huge stack of folded clothing. This is mostly mine, a few things from Michael, but mostly mine. And then another bunch of clothes further on the right, some shirts we pulled down from the hangers. The smaller stack to the left are clothes that Liz decided to donate.

This is the most wonderful part of making the choice to donate something- the kids want to participate too. Liz went through her closet and started pulling down hanger after hanger and went through her dresser and pulled out quite a few pairs of pants. It makes you realize how fortunate you truly are to see how much you are able to give away, and still have such an abundance at home.

Finally, on the left you’ll see some toys that we had purchased on clearance at Toys R Us. They are those ipad characters you slide across the screen after downloading the app. We had tried one a long time ago for the kids, couldn’t get into it- so we figure someone else can get a good deal on the toys as well.

Where did you drop off your donations?

We went to Savers for their Memorial Day Pre-Sale for Savers club card members. 50% off of women’s clothing!

We donated a huge garbage bag of all the clothes, and an additional paper bag to put the shoes and toys in. Savers gives you a discount coupon when you donate. This can be used on any non-sale days. They give you a larger discount for donating more! Our large garbage bag counted as 2 large shopping bags, and the shoes and toys bag was one more stamp- we qualified for 15% off!


You can even stack your discounts to get up to 30% off!

Did you use your discount?

It was CRAZY at the thrift store yesterday! So many people sorting through the racks, trying to find a great deal. And for the women’s clothing- it was such a great deal. But because it was a sale day, my coupon didn’t apply. I think I will be saving my discount so I can donate more and receive a larger discount at a later time. Despite that, I was able to find two new pieces to add to the wardrobe. But don’t worry everyone- I know I’m supposed to be saving- They cost a total of $5.42 on my receipt. Here is what they look like:


I will be wearing these to work. And I love that the sweater has pockets! My work pants don’t have pockets, so I LOVE the pockets on the sweater- they will fit my phone, my work keys, and my badge! They also make a cute little outfit together, but I have plans to wear them separate as well.

Tip: When buying clothes, try to get pieces that you will be able to mix into different outfits. The tank top will look great with the sweater and a pair of jeans for a more casual outfit, but can also be paired with some black slacks and a black sweater if you’re looking to dress it up a bit. $2 for the sweater, $3 for the tank top.

I’d love to hear about your thrift store finds! Leave a comment below


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