Feeling Like A Slob

May 17, 2016


Sometimes I walk through my house and I feel so overwhelmed. Our house is definitely a home, meaning it’s really “lived-in.” The kids don’t have to feel like they can’t sit on any of the furniture, and we can relax after a long day and sit together watching TV while eating dinner. But sometimes all the extra clutter- you know, all that stuff that we MUST HAVE, and all the things that we accumulate can feel like what it really is- clutter. Yesterday, Michael started cleaning up areas of the house that needed a little extra TLC. One of the biggest areas… the closet! Do you ever go into your dresser drawers or into your closet and start searching and searching but you find you just don’t have anything to wear? You’re wrong!

What do you mean?

We just went through our closet. We have a few laundry baskets that were piling with clothes that needed to be run through the washer but the same clothes I wear every week for work were getting washed, and Michael’s same outfits he was wearing every week were getting washed so we didn’t realize that there was something that wasn’t being addressed- clothes clutter. We decided to pull everything out of the closet and wash through all the clothes in those baskets…

Guess how many loads of laundry it made-

How many?

7 loads of laundry (And we still have more to do!) Now don’t get the wrong idea, not all of these clothes had been dirty, some were clean that were in another laundry basket in the closet, but they were long forgotten because they either don’t fit, are seasonal clothes, got a stain on them, or because something else was added to the wardrobe that knocked that piece to the back of the closet.

So what are you going to do with all of those clothes?

We are going to finish washing everything, start folding it all, and finally go through and make new outfits that I can wear to work, or find some that were forgotten. The twins will go through our clothes to see if there is anything that they want (Even though there is a 15 year gap between us and the twins, they still think our clothes are stylish… we’re still cool!) Once all of that is done- DONATION TIME! We are going to go down to the local thrift shop to donate the clothes that no longer fit in our home.

I feel like there will be tons of clothes left to donate.

What about Michael?

As I’m writing this, he’s showing me another shirt that he found that he hasn’t worn in quite some time. He’s doing a lot of the folding while I’m busy typing away. I may be pretending that this blog post is taking way longer than it really is to avoid some of the folding! But he is looking through every article of clothing to decide what he wants and what he wants to get rid of. We will be working on decluttering other areas of our house in the next week. Sometimes there is just so much clutter that it can make us feel like slobs.

What other decluttering do you have planned?

The closet was the first step. Just like my to-do lists, I always map out small chunks that can be tackled at a time so I can start to feel better and have small-wins with the large task of cleaning the whole house. After the closet, we will go through the pantry and pull out all of the boxes of half-eaten cereal, the spice mixes that didn’t taste as good as they sounded but we’re still holding onto them “just in case”, and the canned foods, and if we find things that are non-parishable… those are being donated too! You don’t need to use the excuse of Thanksgiving to donate to the food bank!

Pictures will be posted soon to show you what our donation bags look like! Check back in for an update.

What will you be donating this week? Leave a comment below


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