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How We Stayed Frugal This Weekend

July 31, 2016

How we stayed frugal this weekend

The weekend- It comes at the end of every work week. I spend 40+ hours a week stuck in an office. When I come home at the end of the evening to prep myself for the next work day.

What happens on the weekends?

When I’m not having to work on the weekends, I find myself wanting to get out and do the things I enjoy the most. This usually involves getting out of the house, spending time with Michael and the kids, and most often times it involves window shopping.

What’s different about this weekend?

This weekend is the Gilroy Garlic Festival. When I was a kid my family and I would go to the garlic festival every summer. My aunt’s house was right around the corner from the festival. We had a place to stay, and it was easy to enjoy the weekend’s festivities. Not to mention my aunt had a pool! We would spend the whole weekend there and go enjoy garlic ice cream, garlic fries, pepper steak sandwiches!

It’s nice to share these memories and create new ones with Michael, now.

However, this weekend we found that our budget was not adjusted properly. (A reminder that you should always check your budget before you know you’re going to spend money) As it turned out, because of the way my paychecks come in, I received a smaller amount of money this time around. It was also the rare occasion where all bills, groceries, and toiletry items were all needed to be purchased or paid.

And so we find ourselves with more bills, and less money.

The normal buffer we create for ourselves to allow us to go out and enjoy the weekends, was eaten up quickly by the need to adjust the budget. I would say the one thing we are the best at, is moving money over from entertainment to bills. Us going out and spending money on doing something on the weekends, is a little less important than having the water bill paid, or the gas and electricity, or the mortgage.

How did you change your plans this weekend?

We decided to stay frugal! This means that though we really wanted to go to the Garlic Festival this weekend, we are staying in instead. We took it upon ourselves to start our decluttering mission! If you can’t go out and buy more things to clutter your house, why not stay in and declutter your house? It’s also been a great way for us to find things we didn’t even remember we had. One example- we have two movies we purchased, never opened, still sealed- we now have some entertainment for the weekend!

Instead of us going to the Garlic Festival and spending $20 per person to get in, at least $40 per person to eat (we like to eat…) $10 to park and spending additional money on t-shirts $15, souvenirs, or other garlic-infused trinkets $30, we are instead going to limit ourselves to a much more frugal weekend!

That means the $175 we would’ve spent on a few hours at the festival, will be cut down to $100 for the weekend- This will also include the groceries we will need to buy for next week!

Are there more opportunities for us to spend less money? Of course!

We could have put in place a whole no-spend weekend. It doesn’t sound too challenging to put in place for the weekend, but we do have a few things to help us spruce up the house a bit as we are cleaning. We might as well finish the projects we are starting.

The first project on our list- Clean out the closet we haven’t been in for 2 years and make it beautiful and functional!

This sounds like a silly thing! A closet we haven’t even opened in 2 years?

But really, no one has even looked in that closet, or needed anything out of it. We are going to remove everything from the closet. Of course we’ll keep the pictures and photo albums, but for the rest of the junk- we’ll clear it out.

Like for our board game collection!

We collect monopoly boards and of course we’ve got quite a few other games we’ve collected over the years. These games have been crammed up on the top shelf of the closet in our room and have not been easily accessible. I figure that if we are able to pull these down easier, we may actually play them a little more frequently! If we play board games more, we don’t need to go out and spend money on other entertainment out of the house!

Here’s what we did to complete the project-

I hate before pictures because we have so much garbage everywhere it makes me feel gross to see the pictures of my messy house go online.

So here is a picture of the cleaned out closet. Notice there are totes on the bottom shelf? Those are filled with pictures and photo albums. On the top shelf are some musical instruments, and extra blankets.

Cleaned out the closet! It's just about empty! This is how we're spending our frugal weekend

We took off the closet doors which were broken and didn’t sit on their tracks properly.

Empty closet- No doors on it either- Look at how much room there is! We're declutterig on our frugal weekend

The empty closet! For the most part… we still had the photo albums and some other things to store.

We installed the curtain rod with the curtains.

Michael installing the curtain rod brackets during our frugal weekend

Now we have a beautiful, and easily accessible closet! Not to mention it isn’t an eyesore anymore!

Curtains up! This is how we are having a frugal weekend! Spent a lot less than we would have going to other events

The price we paid to complete this project: $35.

Curtain Rod: $15

Curtains: 2 at $10 each.

And now we have a functional closet! We’ve decluttered a part of our house, we have 5 full garbage bags to throw away (yeah, there was that much junk in that closet), and we have space for the things that we will actually use.

Our frugal weekend consisted of cleaning out the hallway closet and making it functional! Now we will have an excuse to stay in more and play some of our board games!

For the last picture- you’ll see we’ve placed in all of our board games. I told you we had a lot! Just imagine these stacked 15 high on the very top shelf of our small bedroom closet! No wonder we haven’t played them as often as we should…

Let me know how you saved money this weekend in the comments below!


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