My Husband: The Motivator

June 30, 2016

My Husband: The Motivator

Yes, I can finally say it! My husband! My husband is quite the cheerleader. He is the one who motivates me, who knows how to push me, and who encourages me. Sometimes he encourages me too much. Like when he encourages me to eat another cookie, or another slice of cake…

What kind of motivation?

We have been married for 5 whole days. I know, it sounds like an eternity, doesn’t it?! I’m only joking! But it’s been a very busy 5 days. I’ve been working, and trying to get myself caught up. With the extra days off from work for the wedding, it set me back a little bit and I think I’ve gotten all caught up to the normal pace of the day-to-day paperwork. We’ve had a few big changes at work with big database structures changing and the functionality and integration of different systems. This means that because of the position I hold at the company, I have needed to sit in on all of the framework and development design meetings. These are 2 hour meetings, with an extra hour of summarizing and prepping for the next meeting. I had these on Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday.

Thursday’s are normally my late day at work, I head in to work in the early afternoon instead of the morning and end up staying later on in the evening but am able to catch up on some paperwork without anyone on the team asking me questions or needing different reports pulled. This morning we used that extra time to drop off our marriage license! We have officially made it… official. We are legally married!

Wait a minute…

Sorry, went off on a tangent there! Because of the extra workload and big meetings happening at work, I’ve come home from work rather tired over the past few months. With the wedding plans and normal daily activities, it has worn me down. This had also meant that I took some time off from writing on the blog. It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve really posted anything worthwhile and I have mentioned to Michael on more than one occasion this week that I want to post on my blog- that I NEED to post on my blog. Tonight was another one of those nights.

Seems like you motivated yourself.

But that’s just it, I didn’t motivate myself! I have quite the headache today. I think it’s a bit of eyestrain from not wearing my glasses when I read or stare at the computer screen all day. I was convinced I was going to go another day without writing. So what was the first thing he did? He didn’t take no for an answer! He said to me “You need to write on your blog today” and I was about to object when he said “Why don’t you write just a quick one?” and I considered it. Then he started spewing out suggestions of what I can write about tonight. And from his suggestions- 2 blog posts were written.

What are they about?

The first one- about how wonderful my husband is to motivate me and encourage me to get writing today! (The post you’re reading right now!) And the other one- about survey companies. The surveys are related to the evening that we had. I qualified for a survey worth $35 by going to a restaurant in a city 20 minutes away. While we would normally pass on something like this, we were needing to run some errands in that area anyway, and figured- why not? Let’s give it a shot! And if not, then my earnings from the survey app I use will have covered the cost of the meal I was about to purchase. I’ll find out the results in a few days!

So he got you to write?

Yes. He got me writing again, and also encouraged me to keep up with it. He also did a good job of keeping himself busy while I set about writing. This meant he was able to play his video game for an hour!

But Michael is always doing things like this for me. He gives me ideas and pushes me to get them done. It’s exactly what I needed tonight to get me back in the writing mood and to keep moving forward with sharing my experiences with you all!

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