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Wedding Series Part 6: Last Minute Details

June 13, 2016


Here are a few things I’ve been working on this past week for the wedding. All of which are small details but I wanted you all to actually see them, so I’ve posted some pictures.

What’s on the list for the last minute details?

There are quite a few. As I mentioned before, everything is pretty much planned out, but now it’s about actually doing it. This weekend I worked on my bouquet, the guest book idea we found on Pinterest, starting to look for Michael’s suit, and the cake.

The cake? I thought you mentioned this one last week?

I did. But we haven’t ordered it yet. I have let Michael know exactly how I want everything to look. Now we just have to place the order. I want to get the carrot cake from Whole Foods because I’ve had their carrot cake before, and it is REALLY good. Remember that this expense is something that’s being covered by Michael’s sister, but I also wont be raising the price just because we aren’t the ones paying for it. I’m still frugal by nature. I like a good deal! We will also need to order the rest of the cupcakes for everyone else to eat after we cut the cake. These I think will be ordered from Safeway. The order is not too complicated. We want vanilla cupcakes with a lavender colored frosting, and maybe some of those little pearl candy things on top to make it a little more elegant.

You haven’t looked for Michael’s suit yet?

Nope, haven’t gotten around to it yet. We have gone over to the mall and had him try on a few of the jackets. We don’t ever go out to places that require him to wear a suit, so he doesn’t own one. This also means that we don’t know what size he is, what size he needs, and seeing him wear even just the jacket looks funny! But I know that as we start heading out to the places today to start the search, we will find everything we need. We should be able to find something we like. We also made the decision to buy his suit rather than rent it. Because he doesn’t have one, we figured that investing the money we would’ve spent on renting a suit into purchasing a suit instead, he will now have one in case we ever DO have anything he needs one for. At least he can wear the slacks if the event doesn’t need a full suit. Again, we never go anywhere nice enough to need a suit anyway.

What does your bouquet look like?

I’m really not a fan of real flowers. I feel like if I have real flowers, they will just die in a few days anyway, why would I spend the money to have someone else make it, when I can make one myself. I had already gone to the dollar store and to Michael’s craft store to get some fake flowers. I picked flowers that were on sale, that matched the colors of my wedding, and that really went well together. I was even able to get them to work well with the colors of the flowers for the center pieces as well. I had the original idea that I wanted to do a brooch bouquet with both of my grandmother’s old costume jewelry, but found it very difficult to create an entire bouquet with brooches that match the theme. So I decided to incorporate just a few into my bouquet to make it sparkle, and give it a little more elegance than just some fake flowers.

Here is what it looks like so far! Remember, it’s not done yet!

Bouquet in the Making

Another Brooch Bouquet Picture

How does the guest book project look?

In the pin I found on Pinterest, it looks like a shadowbox with a slit in the top where guests can sign their name on a piece of chip board, and drop it in so they can fall at any angle. Because the shadowbox we purchased doesn’t have this, and we don’t want to ruin it by cutting out a huge chunk of the outer frame, we will be putting out two baskets with the thin pieces of wood for people to sign their names, and we will put them into the shadowbox after the wedding. We can hang it on the wall for a guestbook that everyone can see when they come in the house, instead of just hiding it away on a bookshelf where it draws no attention at all.

Here is a picture of all the materials we have:

Shadow Box Guest Book

We will be painting the edges of the hearts so it draws in the purple color theme of the wedding. We will also be painting the frame white. The colors for the wedding are Ivory and Eggplant. Or we can just make everything purple and white instead! Much easier!

Anything else?

We also have a custom cake topper coming in the mail. This was a little bit of a splurge on my side. All of the other cake toppers we saw had a short blond bride, and a tall short-haired groom. None of which looked anything like Michael and I.

We are the same height, I have newly dyed light brown hair, and Michael is not tall, he has a darker complexion than me, and has long hair. I found a site online that does custom toppers and I felt like this was something that I wanted to have to really represent us. There isn’t too much about our wedding that needs to be perfect, but I feel like at least having a cake topper that looks like us would be important. We are waiting for this to be finished and shipped over. We also asked to have a little something extra on the base of the cake topper. You will see what that is when I post pictures from the wedding!

We are 13 days away from the wedding. The countdown is happening. And what I love the most about everything, is I’m not really stressed out about it. A few more details perfected each day will make everything come together!

Next week, you will hear about the pre-bachelorette party I had with the girls at work a few weeks ago, and see some of the pictures from that day!

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