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My No-Spend Weekend

August 14, 2016
My No-Spend Weekend

My No-Spend Weekend

I had read previously about a blogger who does “No-Spend Months.” When I can find the blogger again, I will be sure to tag her so you can all read about her month of being as frugal as possible! For me, this was a little unrealistic. I say that because our cupboards are fairly empty, and the refrigerator is getting there too. The main point of her “No-Spend Month” was to be resourceful, use what was already on hand, and to save as much as possible. This is something that I think we should all strive for.

Because an entire month isn’t something I’m able to do, I figured why not make it a No-Spend Weekend.

This weekend Michael and I made the conscious effort to keep away from the bank accounts. We didn’t want to spend any money. A few weeks ago we had a “frugal weekend” but that was more out of necessity. We had broken our budget and instead of spending the weekend at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, we stayed home. This allowed us to focus on some projects around the house that we had been neglecting. We saved quite a bit of money by not attending the festival.

I figure that even if we aren’t able to commit to a “No-Spend Month” at least we could do as many “No-Spend Weekends” as possible. If you take into account there are usually about 4 weekends a month, that would give us 8 days of spending $0. That’s a little over a week! Some days when I’m at work late, it’s another opportunity for us to save rather than spend because we don’t have time to go out.

These are the types of months we are striving toward.

I had a few participants in my #BABnospend on Instagram

You can follow along with their progress below in the pictures!

Here is what happened on my No-Spend Weekend

9:00 AM Saturday, August 13, 2016
My No-Spend Weekend begins!

My No-Spend Weekend Reading list

I made a plan to read. This is a no-cost way to pass the time on the weekend! These are books I already owned. Some I had read through already, others I hadn’t yet cracked the spine.

I was able to read through 1 book and get half way through another. The rest of this book I will read on my lunches at work.

Trip to the pet store

My No Spend Weekend- Trip to the pet store

Heading to the pet store is a money-friendly way to see some animals. Instead of spending $20-$30 per person to get in at the zoo, you can head to the pet store and take a look around. The Petsmart by my house has a long row of fish, some reptiles, a small section of rodents, and finally the birds. They just reopened the adoption center too! Its a bitter sweet feeling walking by. You wish they didn’t NEED to have an adoption center, but it is nice to see pets going to good homes.

House Party


My House Party Pack arrived in the mail. Perfect timing. I qualified for a Party Pack from Morning Star Farms (They are one of the first companies to bring you a veggie burger option)! About a year and a half ago I signed up for House Party and had never qualified to host a brand sharing party. I forgot about the website for quite some time and just recently looked into it again. In this case I qualified to host my first one! Here are the goodies they gave me to spread the word about the company and their products!

My No Spend Weekend- House Party Pack from Morning Star Farms

An apron, reusable tote bags, pens, a flash drive, recipe books with a coupon off Morning Star products, and free Morning Star product coupons to be able to host the party!

Eating from the pantry

Just because we aren’t spending money for the weekend, doesn’t mean we aren’t going to eat at all! I cooked myself some gluten free pancakes using ingredients from the pantry! This recipe is especially easy since it only has 2 ingredients.

My No Spend Weekend- 2 Ingredient Gluten Free Pancakes

Great recipe!

1 mashed banana
2 eggs
Stir, Stir, Stir
Heat on a pan like you would regular pancakes!

The first one will have a lot more egg in it, but the ones that follow end up tasting sweet because of the bananas.

Laundry Time

No Spend Weekend- Laundry Time

During the weekend we always find ourselves with a few loads of laundry. I popped these in the wash, and that ended my day!

9:00 AM Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another day! No money spent!

Updating my Goal Board

My No Spend Weekend- My weight loss thermometer on my goal board is maxed out! Need to update my goals!

My No Spend Weekend- My lowest weight yet! I'm at 168! No Spend Weekend- My weight loss journey continues. Finally in the 160's!

I maxed out on my weight loss thermometer on my goal board! It’s such a great feeling. Weight Loss has always been such a hard thing for me. I have been tracking for a month and a half and I have just now gotten to the 8 pound weight loss mark.

Change Machines

The twins had wanted to go to the mall for some last minute school shopping. After mentioning to them again that we are on a No-Spend Weekend, they knew they weren’t getting any money out of us. We told them that if they wanted to spend money, they had to find the money on their own. And that’s just what they did.

My No Spend Weekend- The kids had to find their own way to pay for their trip to the mall. We weren't opening our wallets. They found over $100 in change around the house!!!

Do you know how much change you have laying around your house?

I’ll tell you how much we had: $104.20.

Ridiculous, isn’t it? That’s groceries for two weeks if we are really careful. That’s the internet bill and then some. This also covers a credit card payment. Or it could be half of our water bill for 3 months. I couldn’t believe it. Now, keep in mind that the twins had their own change jars. When they ask for snack money, instead of pulling their own cash, they come to us asking for a dollar here, a dollar there. It allowed them to save for quite some time.

They also looked all around the house. Change was buried in the couch, under the couch, another few cents on the floor in the bathroom, change in the laundry room that gets forgotten in pockets.

All in all they found over $100.

If only they spent as much time and effort on cleaning their rooms! They’d be spotless!


My No Spend Week- "You are never too rich, nor too poor to lend a helping hand"

This picture shows what it’s like to have a strong community. A truck broke down in the middle of the street. They tried turning into a nearby parking lot, but instead the truck stopped sideways in the turn. What I love about our neighborhood is that there were four different people that got out to help push the lady’s truck into the parking lot.

My take-away:

My No Spend Weekend- "You're never too rich nor too poor to lend a helping hand"

You are neither too rich, nor too poor to lend a helping hand

Though we can’t pay their tow bill, or their car repairs- we can do a little bit to help ease the stress they are feeling by helping them out of the street.

Eating from the Pantry

Yes- the title of this picture comes up again. We made another meal from our pantry.

My No Spend Weekend- Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup

No recipe on this one. It was a soup mix we got from Target that’s been in our cupboard for a while, and all we needed to add was 1 lb of chicken breast. We pulled out two spare chicken breasts from the freezer, and voila! Dinner is served! Well, it will be. It’s still cooking right now!

I wasn’t the only one doing the No-Spend Weekend!

There were a few friends on Instagram who joined in on the challenge too.

Joyce posted pictures of her family game night! It’s so wonderful to see another person with a ton of board games! And family time is always such a wonderful thing.

My No Spend Weekend- Family Game Night!

Kate from Making Cents Matter also joined me in my No-Spend Weekend challenge. Here is an example of what she did to pass the time:

My No Spend Weekend- Canning for days!

Canning for days! Green beans, pickles, pizza sauce, and corn & peach salsa! I’m sure we’d all love to see the recipe for that salsa!

Then we had CeeCee who spent the day with family and friends at the park. Its great spending time outdoors, and a park can be enough “outdoors” for some people… Like me.

My No Spend Weekend- More instagram friends joining in on the fun!

And finally Lisa posted a picture of her husband washing the car! It can be much more cost efficient to wash your own car than to take it to a car wash!

My No Spend Weekend- Car Wash at home!

I will be hosting another No-Spend weekend coming up over the next few weeks. Let me know what ideas you have for passing the time without spending any money. All of us can work toward a no-spend month! If you have any No-Spend days, please tag them with #BABnospend


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  1. Loved your post! Thx for including us 🙂 Kuddos to you for being so budget conscious! A blog you might enjoy is Good Cheap Eats. Shes in California. Twice a year she does a month long pantry challenge. Its a great way to eat down the pantry and freezer. She also does a weekly posting called Grocery Geek and tells what she bought and how she saved. In looking forward to your next no-spend challenge!!

    1. Hi Lisa! I had such a great time hosting the no-spend weekend. I really want to host another one soon so we can get more people in on the fun! I also think I’ve read the Good Cheap Eats blog before. I’ll have to look for those posts. Thank you for the recommendation. Maybe we can incorporate some of her ideas into the next no-spend challenge. My grocery hauls are pretty similar to the Grocery Geek posts in I share what meals I’m hoping to make for dinner each week and all of the things I bought on that grocery haul. A little bit harder when you’re doing a no-spend weekend but we made up for it yesterday!

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