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Can You Make Money With Survey Sites?

June 30, 2016

Can you make money with survey sites?

Some blog posts will mention how wonderful it is to make a part time income with surveys. Others about how much time someone spends clicking on video links or having their kids plays games on these sites all day. I don’t do either of these things. Realistically, you wont make a part time income with surveys. You also shouldn’t spend your entire day attached to the computer like that…

Then what is it about?

I have found that my hourly wage at work, when broken down to how much money is made by taking surveys… it may not be worth my time to take surveys or to spend hours scouring these websites in hopes that one of them will allow me to take surveys, or that I might even qualify for one of the higher dollar ones. These sites take up a lot of my time and have never given me enough incentive to continue working on them. In the end these survey site companies end up getting my opinions for free because I never meet their minimum dollar amount for cashing out.

Cashing out?

Oh yeah- with survey sites, you can take their surveys but if you don’t qualify for enough to earn a certain dollar amount, you will never actually get the money that’s associated with the surveys. If I join a survey site that gives $0.25 per survey answered, but I only qualify for 4 of them, I’ve only made $1. But the website may require that you earn a total of $10 or $25 total before they send you a check for your participation in the survey.

Oh really?

Yeah. For the survey sites I’ve joined in the past, I have yet to meet one of their minimums. But there are two apps that I use on my phone that have been wonderful.

(This is NOT a sponsored post. There are no links associated with this page, and I do not receive any compensation for referring you to these survey apps. I just really enjoy them and want to share them with you)

1- Surveys on the Go (Android)

With this app I have been able to talk about myself, about the kids, and answer questions about radio stations I listen to. I have earned $11.85 so far. I don’t remember how long I’ve had the app, but it’s been less than 6 months. I had received $3 from answering questions about radio stations I listen to, and I just qualified for a survey worth $35 by doing a secret shop at a restaurant about 20 minutes away.

The nice thing about this survey- I had to go to that city anyway to pick up some stuff at a nearby store, so while it may have ordinarily been out of the way, it just so happened that it aligned perfectly with my plans. I have submitted the two pictures they requested, and answered the questions about the menu item and will need to wait 1-2 days for their review of the answers. If I have answered the questions fully and honestly, and with as much detail as they were requesting- I will receive $35. If not, then at least the $11.85 I’ve made so far makes up for the $8.99 price on the dish I ordered and I got to try something new.

2- Google Surveys- Google Opinion Rewards (Android)

This was an app that was referred to me by a coworker. She is just as frugal as I am and always looking for good deals. In this case, it was such a great referral. I downloaded the app in March 2015 and had been instantly rewarded with $1 upon sign up. From there I received survey after survey of 3 quick questions asking about where I had been recently. They would list stores and restaurants that I had visited that day or the day before. It would then ask me which day I visited the place and what my overall experience was at the establishment.

The best part about the Google surveys? I can use my money right away, AND I can use it for anything in the google play store. I had purchased some songs, an ebook, and some games. It also works on in-app purchases as Michael has used his surveys to pay for some extras in the games he plays. Since using this app in March last year, I have since received $49.61. Not bad for an app on my phone that just asks about where I’ve been- things that Google tracks through other apps anyway!

The apps I use are on an Android device. I believe Surveys on the Go may also be available on the Apple store as well.

That seems really good!

It’s been great. If I finish my qualification for the restaurant survey from Surveys on the Go, that will bring my overall earnings to almost $100 across both of the survey sites. Not bad for taking less than 3 cumulative hours over the past year to answer the questions. Which is an hourly rate of almost $33! That’s more than I make at my full time job. Of course, results are not always typical, and you may even make more money if you have younger kids. Because the twins are 15 years old, I find that on other survey sites I don’t qualify for the “kids” surveys as they may ask about toddler toys or diapers.

But I hope that you find the same success in a few survey spots.

My final recommendation-

Find a few sites for surveys that continue to ask for your opinions. Some sites don’t cater to certain companies, and others will offer you more surveys for less money, or less surveys for more money. You’ll just need to find the right balance. In the meantime, try these two. They take up minimal space on your phone and will send you a notification when a new opportunity comes up! Most surveys take less than 2 minutes to complete in my experience!

I’d love to hear about any other survey sites or apps that you use! Leave a comment below


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