The Art of Writing Thank You Cards

July 2, 2016

The Art of Writing Thank You Cards

While I normally like giving advice on how to save money, this is one post where I’m going to suggest how to spend your money.

That advice- Buy Thank You cards!

It sounds silly, but that extra money you spend to show you appreciate them, will show how much you value their friendship and kindness. Plus- you can get really cute Thank You cards at Target. They have them in their $1-$3 section at the front of the store!

I recently went in to Target between the shift of seasons from Spring and Summer and there were so many different styles! Each pack comes with 8 Thank You cards and envelopes to go along with them! And I bought different styles so if I’m thanking more than one person, I can pick the card that I feel the person will enjoy receiving.

Because they only cost $1 to purchase a pack, you’re only really spending $0.12 each card. A very small cost to tell someone you appreciate them!

How do you write a Thank You card?

1- Hand-written cards– Make sure your card is hand-written. Even if your handwriting is not the best, it adds a personal touch.

2- Start with the date– This is a simple step, but it allows the recipient to know that you are thinking of them even after your big day is over.

3- First thank your guest for coming– The best part of the whole event is to have your guests show up. More than anything, their attendance is what we should all be most thankful for.

4- Share a memory from the event– If they came to your wedding and caught the bouquet, mention this little memory that you cherish. If it was a baby shower and they brought appetizers that everyone loved, mention it in the card. Anything that will show your guest that the memories created meant so much to you.

5- Thank them for a gift you received– During your event, your guest may have brought you a gift. You will want to thank them for the specific gift they gave you. This makes it even more personal.

6- Tell them how you will use the gift received– Maybe your guest bought you a crockpot for your wedding. Let them know of all the wonderful meals you will make. Any special recipes you may want to try now that you have one? Tell them about the recipes. If it’s a book, tell them how much you’re looking forward to reading it.

7- Thank your guest again– Write that last line to conclude your Thank You card and thank your guest again for sharing the time with you. Their lasting friendship is the most important to you, after all.

8- Sign the card– Another simple step, but you’ll want them to remember that it means a lot to YOU that they came.

This can make for a lengthy thank you card. You should aim for anywhere between 4-6 lines to make it personal, and show your friends and family how much you care.



Dear ____,                                                  7/2/2016

Thank you for so much for being there at the baby shower last week.
All of the guests loved the cucumber sandwiches you brought!
The outfit for the baby is perfect for the fall weather ahead,
I can’t wait to send you pictures of the baby in the new outfit
Thank you so much again for coming out,
it was wonderful having the chance to get together.

Your Name Here


And now, it’s my turn to start writing Thank You cards to the guests who attended my wedding. Each one will be unique and of course, hand-written.

And to all of my readers,

While the venue I had for the wedding would not have fit all of you, this is where I thank all of you for being a part of planning to bring the whole thing together! Pictures will be coming soon! Keep an eye out

Any additional advice for Thank You cards? Leave a comment below



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