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May 22, 2016


The week after Michael and I were engaged, I had already asked my Maid of Honor to help me with my wedding, and I was ready to start planning! The first thing we did, we went down to the dress shop at the mall and started looking for a dress.

Already? Only a week in?

Yes! My Maid of Honor, Melody, and I walked into the dress shop and started browsing. There were SO many different styles! Short, long, lace, silk, white, ivory, long-sleeved, tank top style. I had a little bit of an idea of what I wanted. I started pulling a dress off the rack. I let Melody hold it, and we kept searching.

How many dresses did you find?

I found 4 dresses. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too many different dresses. I also started running out of ideas of what I’d like to try on. I’m not the girly-girl type, so I never wear dresses as it is, let alone a big white dress.

What did the first one look like?

Honestly, I don’t remember! I tried on two dresses to begin with. There was a white one, there was another one with some sort of lace on the bodice. But then I tried on the next two dresses. That’s when it all changed. I tried on the first one. It was ivory with lace and satin and had a belt with some jeweled brooch in the middle.

Did you find the one?

Nope! After turning around and around in the mirror, I thought I had the one. I thought it was going to be THE dress. Then I turned a certain way. I caught my reflection in the mirror at this one angle and it was just awful! The dress showed off the wrong curves, and just did not compliment my figure like I thought it did. And just like that… it was NOT the dress.

How about that last dress?

Well, let me tell you what happened with that dress. I brought it into the dressing room. I had the hardest time trying to get myself into the dress. It took some time to get my balance trying to step into the thing. I finally started pulling it up, put my arms in the straps, and had to yell out for my maid of honor! I needed her to help me with the zipper. I couldn’t reach it to pull it up!

It sounds like this might not be the dress…

Hang on, there’s more! After she zipped the dress up for me, I had to get out of the dressing room. There were no mirrors in the room. The only mirrors were in the middle of the bridal section of the dress shop, where anyone can walk by and see. Now, I’m really not into having everyone see me, I get very shy and very embarrassed. The last dress had a bit of a train on it, and was hard for me to hold up. But I started walking. Melody led me out onto the platform. I took the first step to get onto the stage, and another step up onto the pedestal. I laid the dress out around me, of course they always start out too long. I took a deep breath and let it out

How did it look?!

I turned around and the second I laid eyes on the woman in the mirror staring back at me, I got chills running down my spine and it clicked in that moment. This is THE dress! I wont be able to show you all the dress because I know Michael looks through the blog, but give it a few weeks. After the wedding, pictures will go up and you all will see exactly what I’m talking about. But I didn’t buy it that day.


I decided to think about it. I had wanted to see what else was out there at other stores. How could it be that I try on only 4 dresses and find the right one? Aren’t there those brides who go out and try on dozens and dozens of dresses but never find the right one? But that didn’t happen to me. I tried on four and felt like that was THE dress. I still went out and tried looking into what else was out there. I stopped in at a big name dress shop, David’s Bridal. I thought I would go see what they had. I walked into the store and there were TONS of dresses. I thought I might be able to find other options.

Did you find other dresses?

I walked up to the desk and let them know I wanted to try on a few dresses. The shop was practically empty and I had started looking around and found two dresses that were similar to the dress I saw at the other dress shop at the mall. The ladies at the counter asked if I had an appointment. I didn’t realize I needed an appointment. I said that I didn’t and they replied that they might be able to squeeze me in to meet with a stylist. A stylist? Why do I need a stylist? I had two dresses that I had found on the rack already and just wanted to try them on. They said I could wait around and maybe a stylist would be available soon.

I walked around for another 10 minutes, there was still only one other customer in the store on the other side of the fitting rooms- they have a wall separating the two sides of mirrors. My mom was with me, and she took a look at a few dresses to see if there was anything that she would like, didn’t find much. Finally after about 20 minutes I said enough was enough!

Then what happened?

I walked up to the counter and let them know to remove me from the list and that I would just go find a dress elsewhere. The girl at the desk said “oh, are you sure, I was just about to page someone for you” I mean, are you KIDDING me?! You made me walk around for 20 minutes not doing anything just to tell me that you hadn’t even called anyone yet to serve me? I have worked in customer service for so many years, this was the worst service I have ever received. My mom and I drove right back over the mall to the dress shop called Group USA, we pulled the dress off the rack and went straight up to the register. I dropped down my card with my wedding savings on it, and I bought that dress right away! It really ended up being my wedding dress, and I shouldn’t have second-guessed myself.

I can’t wait for the wedding and the pictures we will be taking so I can finally show you all what it looks like! I need to keep it a secret until after! Can’t let the groom see me in the dress before the big day! Michael doesn’t even know what the dress looks like- it’s in the closet at my mom’s house.

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  1. Omg yay!! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see all your gorgeous pics.

    I wish I had a fun or interesting dress story, but I really didn’t have a “wedding” dress. I did want one but the stress was too much to plan and shop and we kind of just went and did it in Vegas (LOL! ?) without more than a couple months of planning (after wanting to go to Costa Rica and getting Married on a waterfall/ volcano) LOL

    I shopped for the dress by myself which was actually really the worst part as I was totally fine getting a regular type dress that was white and that I could potentially wear again (but it was in the fire-another reason I’m glad I didn’t go crazy on an amazing dress), but the lady attending the dressing room made a snarky comment which kind of ruined my excitement of looking for a dress. 🙁

    Something like, “But don’t you want a big beautiful wedding dress?!” LOL.

    “Yeah, but I also don’t want to go into crazy debt and stress out looking for the perfect dress”, is what I was thinking to myself .

    I just told her I was happy with a simple dress and I really liked it. It remind me of a Greek goddess dress since it had these golden twisted rope-looking straps and was a satin like material, v-neck and just above the knee. I paid about $70 at Macy’s in 2008 🙂

    My hubby and I totally went with a small budget and were so glad we did since we had no debt at all after we were married. That was after he graduated college and after we bought our house about 6 months prior.

    Definitely wish I had that amazing feeling about THE dress, but I did/do enjoy the thought of saving money so I guess it’s not so bad! haha lol

    Love your blog and I’m excited to read more. ❤️ Great job!

    1. Thanks Rachel for sharing! I would say the dress is what I paid the most for. Oddly enough, everything else had cost less than the dress. Way less. Even my venue! But I just felt it. Another post will follow in the wedding series about what I decided NOT to save money on, and the rest of the things will be what I did save money on. I feel that everything else about the day will go on like any other party, but the way Michael will see me in my dress- I’m hoping for that ‘star-struck’ look in his eyes. I can just imagine how beautiful you looked on your wedding day, and the dress you’re describing sounds perfect for you. I can definitely see you wearing something like that! In late June, early July, pictures will go up from the wedding. I’m excited for everyone to get to share in the experience!

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