Update on my Goals

June 7, 2016

Update on my Goals

On May 26th I posted about my goals for the next 30 days. I have 6 goals set up to really start taking care of myself before the wedding. The last day falls on June 24th which is the day before the BIG Day. While I started off strong, here’s how it has gone so far.

Yesterday marked Day 12. I’m not quite half way through but I wanted to be sure to send an update to everyone, and sometimes an update is needed before the halfway point. You’ll see why…

A recap of the goals:

1- Drink 60 oz of water a day
2- Exercise everyday
3- Make half my dinner plate filled with veggies
4- Do something once a week to bring me joy
5- Try one thing new
6- Read 3 fiction books

Now that you remember what the goals are, here is the story of how they went:

Day 1– Drank 40 oz of water, and I exercised. I only made 1 goal.
Day 2– Drank 60 oz of water, and I exercised. Made 2 goals
Day 3– Drank 60 oz of water, and I exercised. Made 2 goals again. Good repeat, I like the way its going!
Day 4– Drank 60 oz of water, needed a day to rest on the exercise, but I did something to bring me joy- we went to the thrift store and donated clothes. I was feeling charitable, and also wanted to clean out the closets at home. That really brought me joy last week. Made 2 goals.
Day 5– Got Sick, we did not enjoy the extra day off for Memorial Day Weekend. I was dreading the work week ahead because I was beginning to feel sick and I knew I had quite a few hours I needed to put in over the next few days. 0 Goals Reached
Day 6– Sick, but had to work 11 hours. Bad day. 0 Goals Reached.
Day 7– Sick, but had to work 12 hours. Another bad day. 0 Goals Reached.
Day 8– Sick, went home from work sick after a few hours. 0 Goals Reached
Day 9– Sick, went home from work sick after a few hours again… 0 Goals Reached
Day 10– Sick, but I did something this week to bring joy, Michael and I stayed home the WHOLE day. We never do that. I don’t remember the last time we spent the day at home without needing to get groceries or run another errand, or that we didn’t have something that we HAD to do. What did we do with our whole day at home? We spent time binge watching a show on Netflix, the kids were visiting with their parents, and Michael even got to play his video games a little bit. Nice day off for us, especially when I was still feeling under the weather, and Michael is just beginning to get sick. Made 1 goal
Day 11– Not as sick, did the grocery shopping and posted the grocery haul on the blog. 0 Goals Reached
Day 12– Drank 48 oz of water, not quite enough to reach my goal, and exercised by walking to get lunch on my break. Made 1 goal. Almost over my cold.

Day 13– That’s the day I’m on today- And I have every intention of drinking 60 oz of water, exercising, eating a healthy dinner, and reading a little bit on my break at work so I can start making some progress on my reading goal.

I know I can take better care of myself. The whole point of the goals for this month is to haveĀ a reset before the wedding. I was feeling overwhelmed with work and I wanted to get myself feeling good, calm, relaxed. As you can see, it didn’t start off so well. Getting sick is a rare occurrence for me, but WHY did it have to happen now? At least it’s almost over. I will also be posting my goal chart for everyone to see at the end of the 30 days. Well, maybe I’ll post it a few days after… I AM getting married after all on Day 31!

What were the goals you set for yourself? Leave a comment below


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