The Wedding Series

Wedding Series Part 7: Wedding Celebrations

June 19, 2016

The Wedding Series Part 7: Wedding Celebrations

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends. Michael has been doing the same and going to events with his friends, and we have been attending a few wedding celebrations.

What kind of wedding celebrations?

At work we had a dual celebration for a coworker and myself. I am getting married, and she is having a baby. We did a baby/bridal shower. Now, because of the way it was named, I was asked a few times if I was having a baby. Nope! Not having a baby. Of course I didn’t want to embarrass anyone, so I explained that it was my bridal shower and the other girl’s baby shower. They got it once they realized how far along she was.

You weren’t embarrassed?

No. Things like this don’t really embarrass me. I just always feel bad that the other person feels embarrassed in situations like these, so I play it off like it has happened many times before, and then I mention that Michael and I have plans to talk about children after we get married. I think it makes everyone feel better.

What other things did you do?

Because this same coworker was going out on maternity leave and we weren’t sure when the baby would come, we wanted to do a “pre-bachelorette” party. I don’t drink, and really didn’t want to have a bachelorette party where there are nude people, so my Maid of Honor put together a pretty wonderful day. We were just coming out of work from one of our weekend events and had plans to have a spa day. We got our nails done at this wonderful salon where the nail technicians offered to walk over to the restaurant next door to grab us some lunch. Of course we had the pregnant girl with us and she was craving spring rolls! I wanted some too so we got ourselves a snack. It was such a great experience at that salon. I will need to find the name of it! We got manicures, pedicures, and a snack.

Sounds like fun!

But wait, there’s more! One of the nail technician’s friends stopped by and had fliers for her restaurant which was down the street a little ways. This place had crawfish, prawns, and corn in their country boil. They also had garlic noodles on the side. The flier had pictures of the food and it looked SO GOOD!

Did you have lunch there?

You bet we did! Michael doesn’t like seafood so any chance I have to eat it, I take it! I made the suggestion to go eat there, and the food was delicious! The corn, sausage, clams, and prawns were so flavorful. We didn’t get any crawfish- I wasn’t ready to try it yet, but the prawns soaked up so much of the flavor from the broth. It wasn’t spicy which I loved, and they gave us bibs and gloves! Here are a few pictures at the restaurant!

Having fun

Vivian, me, and Melody on the right!

The bib

Cute bib, huh? My sash says “Bride to Be”

After we finished lunch, we called it a day. It truly was a wonderful day out with the girls. Sometimes you don’t need to go out and do the typical bachelorette party things like going to bars or seeing not-so-covered men. Those things are not really my cup of tea.

Were there any other wedding celebrations for you?

Yes! My mom’s friend Diane lives in Minnesota. She wont be able to make it by for the wedding, but she was in town this weekend instead. Diane had wanted to take us out for a nice lunch to celebrate. She and my mom had decided on Maggiano’s, a restaurant I’ve never been to before at Santana Row in San Jose. We spent some time looking over the menu and had quite the appetite. We started with calamari! Remember, I like to order seafood when I go out to eat with friends and family! I ordered a Lobster Carbonara dish for my entree. There was so much lobster! Of course, we couldn’t stop there! We also ordered dessert. I ordered the crème brulee. My mom ordered the spumoni ice cream, and Diane’s daughter ordered a HUGE slice of chocolate cake. I think that single slice of cake was bigger than her entree! Before we headed out, we wanted to get some pictures at the restaurant so we went outside to the outdoor seating and took a few pictures for my mom and Diane. Here is a picture of Diane and my mom:

Best Friends

Diane on the left, mom on the right

These few days spent with family and friends were the best way to celebrate the upcoming wedding. I would much prefer this to going out the night before the wedding and getting into trouble! I had such a great time and will remember the wedding celebrations for years to come!

How did you celebrate before the wedding? Leave a comment below


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