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The Wedding Series Part 4: The Food

May 28, 2016

the food

One of the most ridiculous expenses when planning a wedding: The Food! First you have to figure out exactly WHAT you want to eat. This, I think, was the biggest struggle for Michael and I. His family is Mexican, but I really don’t like Mexican food that much. My family is White, but we don’t have any traditional dishes we serve at any family functions. So what do we do? Where do we begin? How can we pick the right meal plan for the biggest day of our lives?

So what DID you do?

I remembered that though this is the biggest day of our lives, chances are we wont be eating very much. Michael and I really don’t like the traditional Barbacoa, which is a dish of slow-cooked meat. The flavors are never strong enough, and for some reason I just feel it is so bland. I’ve never been a fan. But, we will be walking around and thanking all of our guests for coming, and taking pictures, and socializing, so we wont have a lot of opportunity to eat. So, I guess Barbacoa it is! Since we decided to just go ahead and serve it anyway, we also decided that the meal should be a traditional Mexican food spread. We will have Barbacoa, rice, beans, tortillas, and more.

But what about for the hors d’oeuvres?

Great question. This is where we had a harder time finding MORE food to serve before the dinner. Since I wouldn’t want to eat too much of the dinner food, I thought we would put together a menu hors d’oeuvres that I would like to eat. This will be slow-cooked meatballs, lil smokies wrapped in bacon, and I guess to lead into dinner- some chips and salsa. But we really started running out of ideas and are hoping that we can think of more food to serve or that someone can make some suggestions.

What was the budget for all of the food?

Back in The Wedding Series Part Two: The Budget, I talked a lot about the venues. Each venue would leave me with a different budget for food. You remember how I said we were looking at spending $15,000 on the wedding? Phew! Good thing we tossed out that idea! The venue was $11,000 but then you had to tack on the catering. You know how much the catering was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium? About $80 a person. You know how much that would’ve come out to for my very small, 50 head count wedding? $4,000! For food! That gets digested exactly the same way that other food does! For a fraction of the cost! Once we decided to change it to a different style of food, and a different venue, we now have a budget of $0 for food. Wonderful isn’t it? With everyone bringing a dish for the wedding, we have no food costs, and everyone else is contributing just a little bit to our special day.

Who is making which dish?

For the dinner we have tasked my mother-in-law with planning out who will cook what. She will be coordinating with some of Michael’s family to cook different things. It will be like a potluck style dinner. Michael’s mom will make the refried beans. His cousin will make the rice. His aunt will make the barbacoa. And for the other foods, my mom will make the slow-cooked meatballs, my aunt will make the lil smokies wrapped in bacon. All in all, everyone gets to feel a part of the special day, we get lots of food to serve to our guests, and we don’t have to spend another penny.

If there is one thing that I love about my wedding planning so far, it’s the ability to include our family in the process. I already had in mind what I want the wedding to actually look like, but the plans for all other small details were not set in stone. While everyone wanted to contribute to the d├ęcor and the agenda for the evening, I had wanted things to go a certain way. Having the food taken care of by the family brings us all together with the family recipes and the love and effort to make our day as wonderful as it can be.

And that’s just the food… next week, we talk about: The Cake!

Let me know what your wedding menus were like. I’m really hoping to hear some suggestions for more food we can add to the menu! Leave a comment below


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