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May 8, 2016


Welcome to the first post of the Wedding Series!

First things first, let me tell you all that I did not hire a wedding planner. Everything I’m doing, I’m planning on my own.

All by yourself?

Well, I do have a maid of honor! But we’ve decided to keep this a very small wedding. Our initial plan was to keep it at around 50 guests. That, of course, ended up expanding to around 75 guests, and as I start receiving some of those RSVP cards back, we might find a nice and happy medium.

We wanted it to be a very small get-together. I had tons of plans! And, so did Michael! Michael even mentioned the idea of Las Vegas…

A Las Vegas wedding? Really?

Yes, he really made the suggestion of Las Vegas. As we got further and further into the wedding planning process, it sounded like a better idea each time an issue came up. The venue was the first issue. I had ideas of places I wanted to get married like a rental home (one of my good friends was married at a mansion on the beach, and how beautiful it was!), another idea we were looking into was the Monterey Bay Aquarium! We were engaged in Monterey, and wanted to bring the whole family to share the same experience we had in Monterey. And finally we settled on a place that’s a lot closer to home. -I’m not giving away too many details, this Wedding Series is just beginning!

So, how long have you been planning?

We’ve been planning our wedding since September. From engagement to the wedding is exactly 9 months. Of course, I’ve never planned a wedding before, so I’m getting suggestions and questions from all around. My maid of honor, she is very glamorous and glitzy! Everything she likes is very beautiful and flashy, where Michael and I are very plain and simple. My mother in law, she’s always wanting to help, but her ideas don’t match the theme of the wedding. The whole process has been a bit exhausting. But Michael and I finally got on the same page- And just in time!

What are some things you have planned out already?

Because the wedding is coming up next month, we’ve got just about everything planned, some things are in the DIY stage, and others have been completed and are just sitting around in my living room waiting for the big day to come along (Marie Kondo would NOT be proud of the condition of my living room). I’ll make a list of things that are planned, in progress, and finished:

Canopy for the outside of the venue
Cake (I need to get on the final planning stage for this one!!)
Reception ideas
Michael’s Tux Rental!
Songs picked out for the reception
Marriage license! We need to go get our marriage license still!

In Progress:
Table runners
Ordination for my grandpa to marry us (He’s ordained, just need to find his paperwork again!)
Picking out poses for the wedding photography
Make up and Hair
Final guest list after the RSVP’s come back in the mail
Bouquet (I’m making my own)
Guest Book picture frame
Wedding favors

Photographer (Yes, we’re having a photobooth AND photographer)
Table settings
Maid of Honor dress
Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
Wedding Rings

Well, after looking at the list, I guess I’m pretty even across the board! I was thinking the finished list was going to be MUCH longer! Guess I know what I have to start working on next week. Even this weekend, Michael is going to go down and start looking at suits…

What should we expect in the second post of the wedding series?

You will hear about my Wedding Budget. After all, this is a budgeting blog! I want you to hear about the budget itself and how it has changed since the original plan for our big day. (Hint: It’s changed A WHOLE LOT)

Anything you think I may be missing for my big day that I haven’t planned for yet? Leave a comment below


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