The Wedding Series

The Wedding Series

May 1, 2016

The Wedding Series

As I have mentioned now, more than a few times, I have a fiancé named Michael. Fiancé means…

We’re getting married!

After spending the last 9 years of our lives together, we’ve finally decided to tie the knot. Though we have only been planning for the past 7 months, and we only have another 2 months left to finish planning, there are many things we’ve been able to accomplish: revising our wedding budget, finding the venue that works best for us, DIY for the wedding, and more.

What can you expect to hear about in the Wedding Series?

I will be posting a series of budget-friendly approaches to the marriage ceremony and reception. I want all of you to be as much a part of the process as possible. I also want to be sure that you know what I did, and did not cut costs on. I know, I know, this is a money saving and frugal living blog… but this is also my wedding day. Keep in mind that we did not go any further into debt other than the first purchase-which was my dress- at the beginning of the planning process. Everything else, I have not charged. I have couponed, saved, paid cash, and made cost-effective changes to the original plans.

When is the next post?

I plan to post the wedding series posts every Saturday until the wedding! This should walk you through the process of planning our wedding and what the final plans are. You’ll even hear about the registry.

I’m excited to hear what you all had done for your weddings to save money or even things that you did not skimp on for your special day. What was or wasn’t that important for you on your big day? Leave a comment below


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