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How Wednesday Nights Became Our Date Nights

May 12, 2016

How Wednesday Nights

Michael and I love to spend time together. We always crave a little something extra though. Not just watching tv together in the living room which is our normal go-to.

But Wednesday Nights… Those are our nights.

Well, what’s so special about Wednesdays?

You would think, of all days to have a date night, why a Wednesday night? We go to Dave and Busters. For those of you who have never been- I’d describe it as a Chuck E. Cheese for adults! But they have a bar, a restaurant, large screen TVs and both ticket and arcade games. Sounds expensive… It definitely can be. But its not expensive for us.

Here is the method we use to save on Date Night

1- We don’t eat. When we have our date nights, it’s for us to go out and have fun. We can eat back at home, but when we’re there, we are out to play games and laugh and enjoy ourselves. This will save quite a bit of money. We spend all of our time playing the games.

2- We wait for coupons. If you register your powercard online, Dave and Busters will send you a coupon every couple weeks to load $20 on the card and get $20 in credits for free! We use this all the time. There’s one catch… You can’t use the coupons on Wednesdays.

But I thought Wednesdays are your date nights?

They are… So stay with me here through the next few steps

3- Go to Dave and Busters on any other day of the week except for Wednesday and load your Powercard with the coupon. You can even choose to Supercharge your powercard for an extra $6 and it gets you even more credits. You don’t need to Supercharge it, but you can if you’ve budgeted the extra $6!

4- Now that you’re loaded with all of those credits on your card, DON’T USE IT!

5- Wait until Wednesday… Wednesday is (drum roll please) half price Wednesday! Every Wednesday it costs half the credits to play all of the games! So we use the double points we got, and use them on half price days, and we play through our whole card.

That seems like a lot of game play!

It is! You spend $20 and get $80 worth of game play. And for $20, those couple hours seem worth the expense.

Here’s the breakdown:

Coupon for buy $20, get $20 = $40 of credits. Spend them on half price days, $40 x 2 = $80 of game play. All for the original $20 spent.

After a couple months of spending time together on our date nights, we had collected enough tickets that we were able to bring home a Wii U game console!

That’s about a $300 prize!

We probably only spent about $200 to buy the credits over the couple of months for the powercard, and we were able to take home that wonderful prize, and all the while spending time with my favorite person in the world!

What are some ways you save money on date night? Leave a comment below


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