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When Meal Planning Goes Wrong

June 4, 2016

When Your Meal Plan

What happens when you plan your meals for the week, and you have every intention of cooking what you’ve planned to eat, but then something goes wrong? You modify…

How do you modify it?

This week we had all of our meals ready to cook. We had the meat in the freezer from the weeks before, we bought all of the ingredients we needed to put together a good meal plan for this week. Then, it got hot. The weather was awful this week! 90 degree days in a house with no air conditioning and poor air circulation. Two of the meals planned this week went in the oven! There was no way we were going to turn on the oven when the rest of the house would stay at 90+ degrees all day and all night.

What changes do you make when meal planning goes wrong?

Instead of making the homemade lasagna, we kept the ingredients to make for next week, and we decided on making chicken fettuccine alfredo. We had frozen pre-cooked chicken breast fillets and we went out to buy some fettuccine and some alfredo sauce. The noodles were about $1 and the sauce was $1.77. All together, this meal added to the grocery budget for this week: $2.77

Not bad for one meal!

Not bad at all. This was an example of what to do RIGHT. We wanted to try staying away from the fast food. Of course, that only worked so well, because the next day, which was last night… in order to take the other oven-meal off the list: Homemade Pizzas- we decided to get a Little Caesar’s pizza. Of course, we also get breadsticks, so this comes to about $10. Not too bad. However, we have also found that if we eat something like this at around 5pm, we get hungry again later on in the evening… which causes us to go out again!


Yes. So not only did we think we were saving ourselves a little bit of money by getting a cheap pizza to make instead of the homemade pizzas which would’ve heated up the whole house for the night, but we also went out and spent another $35 on Wienerschnitzel and Taco Bravo last night too…

That doesn’t sound good for the budget

Not good at all! Certainly didn’t feel good either to realize how much additional money we spent. This is where meal planning failures can go WRONG! And to also notice that this is something that can happen a few times a week if your meal planning is not planned properly. For the sake of our budget, this is something that will go into the next weeks planning- The 7 day weather forecast.

What does the meal plan look like?

Well, here is the forecast first:

Forecast Screenshot


And here is what our meal plan looks like:

Sunday: Buffalo Chicken Bites
Monday: Taco Night
Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner
Wednesday: Chicken Dinner
Thursday: Lasagna
Friday: Homemade Pizzas
Saturday: Leftovers and Snacking

As you will notice, we saved the oven meals for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday where the weather is only expected to be in the high 70’s. This will keep us from overheating the house, while still eating good home-cooked meals. For the other nights where it will be in the mid 80’s to low 90’s, we will be sticking to the stove top.

See what the budget looks like tomorrow in my Sunday Grocery Budget posts!

I’d love to hear about how you plan your meals for the week. Leave a comment below


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