Where Did The Week Go?

June 13, 2016

Where did the week go?

Whoa! It’s been just about a week since my last post went up on the blog! Where did the week go? Now that I’ve got some time, let me show you what I’ve been up to!

Where did the week go?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself all weekend! Here’s what I think may have happened:

1- Got involved in my goals list that I posted for everyone to see
2- Started paying attention to my pedometer and how many steps I was taking each day
3- Cooking home-cooked meals all week. Well, Michael did this part, but I supervised! 😉
4- Working on last minute details for the wedding
5- Working on the blog, doing research

What’s the story on each one?

Let’s start from the beginning.

I got involved in my goals

This is what I had wanted to do since I set the goals for myself at the beginning of the month. I wanted to spend time working on myself. After grueling deadlines and tons of last minute projects and events at work, I just needed some time to reset. So after I posted the update last week, I really wanted to start diving right into them. And it worked for a little bit. But then I realized I didn’t take my own advice! How dumb is that? I posted a blog a few weeks ago about how to set goals properly. Making sure that I set a time frame and a very well thought out plan of how to make them happen. I wanted to be held accountable for my goals from all of you by making them live on the air, but I didn’t sit down and do the one step that I ALWAYS do when I set my goals for the week- Setting up the fine details. And I know myself, I know that I need these tools to make things happen. So why didn’t I do them this time? I think I got carried away thinking that I didn’t need them. I had that “I know I can do it” kind of attitude, which is great, but only great when you have the whole plan laid out. My goals, though I’m getting myself into them, not going at all like I had hoped they would.

I started paying attention to my pedometer

As part of one of the goals, I wanted to be sure that I was exercising. Sometimes that meant walking for 20 minutes, sometimes that meant doing the exercises on one of my work out dvds. And then I noticed one of my friends on Instagram was using her pedometer this week. I wanted to have extra accountability. I wanted to encourage her to continue using hers as well. What did that mean for me? It meant spending a little more time working with a friend on her goals, and motivating her, which took another day off the blog. In this case, I think it was worth it. If I can inspire, motivate, or help someone else with their goals, that’s really the whole point of my blog anyway! I’m here to encourage everyone and offer a helping hand. Let everyone else know that they’re not alone.

We had home-cooked meals everyday this week

One of the things I posted about the week before last was “When meal planning goes wrong” where I showed everyone what my meal plan was but described the ways we didn’t keep up with it for the week. One of the biggest issues was the weather. Some of our meals for the week were to be put in the oven. It was about 90 degrees out and we were NOT turning on the oven. So the meal plan didn’t work because it wasn’t planned properly. I gave an example of what went right, and what went wrong and how things can really go either way. But as long as you have a plan for the days that do go wrong, you can at least hope to hold onto the budget for your groceries for the week. Now, when I said that we had home-cooked meals, really I was just supervising 🙂 Michael is the cook. We do share some of the responsibilities on this, like when I made the Chicken Dinner for this past week, but otherwise I spend this time with Michael by watching him put together a delicious meal.

We worked on last minute details for the wedding

Some of these details can be seen in this weeks Wedding Series post (posted a day late now that it’s Sunday… I’ve been posting them every Saturday since I started. Like I said- where did the week go?). I posted pictures of the bouquets I’m making, and of the plans to make our guest book. I saw a pin for this on pinterest, and wanted to recreate it for our wedding. Most of the stuff we’re doing for the wedding are DIY, or simple and cost efficient. Today, which is Sunday, we are just under 2 weeks until the wedding and we are just finally going over to look at a suit for Michael. We never go out anywhere that requires the use of a suit, so this will become his suit for everything hereafter. For this reason we will be purchasing a suit rather than renting one.

And finally I’ve been working on the blog

Well you would think that this involves posting, but instead I did research. This week there was a free webinar from Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog. I had to watch the replay as I was working at the time of the live webinar. But watching through her webinar with Crystal from Money Saving Mom, I was getting to understand some of the inner workings of creating valuable content for all of you. Also to be sure that you can find the posts you want to read again at a later time, and how we can all connect on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I purchased her Building a Framework book and tutorials so I can hope to really deliver for you all. This has been a nice way to get myself really working more for all of you, rather than just writing for myself and hoping someone sees it or finds it useful. I will be making some new tabs and different features on the blog to hopefully make it easier for you to navigate. I figure since I’m still in the earlier stages of the blog (only a month and a half of blogging) that any changes would still be well received.

I promise this week there will be more updates and I have gotten all caught up on the other weekly posts I make.

See you all soon!

(This post contains affiliate links. I just really enjoy her product and hope that I can provide value to someone else on the same journey as me.)

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    1. Really! It’s been crazy. Luckily I took some time off next week so I can really focus on the wedding. I’ve got 6 days to work this week before I can get myself a day off! Luckily I’m pretty laid back about the wedding! I just want my friends and family to be there. That’s the most important part. Just ordered the cake this evening. Still need to find a place to do the cupcakes!

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