My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss: Day 19

July 23, 2016

Day 19: What’s that feeling?

This morning I got up and got ready for work. Yes, it’s Saturday. And yes, I had to work today. When I got ready this morning I did my normal weigh in.

I weighed in at


Weight Loss Journey Day 19!

Not good, not bad. Less than yesterday, and still less than my initial weight of 176. I guess I can at least say that much.

I had everything set up today to have a good day. We had cookies and other snacks laid out at work, but instead I chose to eat an apple with peanut butter. Again, trying to be good. That was at around 9am.

After work Michael and I went over to grab some hairball treats for Rambo, and by the time we made it back home and were settling in- it was already 3:30pm. I hadn’t eaten in almost 7 hours! I was starting to feel dizzy.

I hadn’t really experienced that before.

On the weekends I sometimes don’t eat until 2pm. That’s usually my first meal of the day. For some reason this time, with having a breakfast, my body wanted to eat more. It was really starting to affect me.

We quickly made a lunch of breakfast foods. Finally having eaten, I started to feel normal again. The dizzy and light-headed feeling went away. I could start to think clearly, and then… the cravings started.

I couldn’t stop eating after that.

I had to have more and more food. After eating bacon and potatoes, I served myself more bacon and more potatoes. Then I served myself cheese popcorn puffs, then I ate some marshmallows. After that I couldn’t help myself, I was still craving more food and nothing was satisfying my hunger. I had a serving of twizzlers, and then I still had more cravings, so I ate half a dark chocolate sea salt caramel bar.

I couldn’t stop eating.

I also made sure to start drinking water. I had 2 bottles of water. Almost 32 oz of water just to try to calm my cravings. This is where I started to feel sick. But not from all of the food, from all of the water! It felt like I couldn’t get the water down. After all of this discomfort and cravings I finally managed to stop myself.

But what happened?

I think my blood sugar must have had some sort of reaction to not eating for so long, and then being shocked with a lot of carbs and sugar. I probably shocked my system really bad.

Now I really need to start watching how often I eat too. I can’t let myself feel this way again. Another day tomorrow- another day to get it right!

Here is what the menu looked like:

Peanut Butter

Seaweed- eaten 5 minutes before lunch was ready

4 slices bacon
Pan fried potatoes
1 small pancake
Cheese popcorn puffs- like “pirate’s booty” cheese puffs
Half a dark chocolate caramel bar


Blueberry Banana Smoothie


My workout for the day:

Nothing- I should’ve worked out…

I’m still in a strange workout rut. No excuses. Tomorrow I’m working out!

Total calories consumed today: 1517

I’ve got plans tomorrow to work out. The first thing I will do when I wake up is start drinking water for the day. After the water, I’m getting right into my workout. If it’s one of the first things I do in the morning, I wont have to worry that it doesn’t happen later on in the day.

When my workout is over, I will make myself a Mango banana smoothie. This will be my post-workout smoothie, and also account for my breakfast. I will plan to eat every 3 hours tomorrow too. It can be a small snack, or a meal, but I don’t want to feel like I did today, that’s for sure!


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