My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss: Day 22

July 26, 2016

Day 22: Mary had a little lamb

And so did I. I made myself some lamb on the stove. Pan-seared lamb. I cooked it myself. I had never cooked lamb before but got a good sear after putting some rosemary and minced garlic on it. Delicious. I’m going to have the leftovers for lunch or for dinner tomorrow!

A peek at the before and after:


Weight Loss: Day 22- Lamb for Dinner


Weight Loss: Day 22- the lamb is cooking!

Yeah, I know… picture quality needs improvement. Anyone have a DSLR I can borrow? Haha

Today it was, hot! Really, really hot! It hit 93 today. I know some of you are suffering through 100 degree weather, but it might as well be 100.

For this reason, I decided to skip my workout. This means that I’m not allowed to take a day off the rest of the week. I think tomorrow it should be about the same temperature, and then it starts to cool down a little bit. At least it will be easier to get a workout in later on in the week.

I still got this!

Weighed in this morning


Weight Loss: Day 22

I like seeing that number again. Let’s see if I can get that number to last a few days! Don’t worry, I wont hold my breath! It’s been so hot though I feel like I’ve sweated out a few pounds.

Here is what the menu looked like today:


Baby carrots

Ezekiel flax bread
Almond butter


Wild rice and mushroom

Dark chocolate sea salt caramels

My workout for the day:

Nothing- I am using today as my rest day.

Total calories consumed today: 1140

I need to find out what kind of workout I want to do tomorrow. I could do another pilates workout, do the upper fix, the lower fix, definitely going to hold off on the Total Cardio fix. Last time I got sick. May not be wise to do THAT workout tomorrow!


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