My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss: Day 24

July 28, 2016

Day 24: Oh the temptation

The past two days at work there has been so much temptation. Yesterday the company bought a huge ice cream cake to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries in July. There were also cookies and cupcakes on the table.

Today was my supervisor’s actual birthday so I bought her a box of red velvet flavored cookies. She loved them. Then our department always buys our team a cake on the person’s birthday, so we had another cake. There was also leftover cake from the day before available in the break room. And finally, there was a meeting to tell us about another benefit being offered to the employees and they brought in fried chicken, spaghetti, potato salad, macaroni salad, and I think there was another dish of something else.

For each one, I looked at the dishes, and I kept on walking! Gosh it was hard. I kept glancing back at it. The temptation was there.

It was definitely hard to walk past all of the good food on the table. And for lunch- I had kale… That awful, dreadful kale. But I was good. And do you know why I was good?

I weighed in this morning


Weight Loss: Day 24

Yes!!!! More progress!

Yesterday I talked about how I wanted to get up early this morning to get my workout in and start the morning off right with some breakfast.

Well, I didn’t wake up early, but I did do everything else I wanted to do. It all started with a fresh bottle of water. There was no way I was going to work out on an empty stomach again! I took a few sips of water, and made myself some ezekiel toast with some farmer’s cheese.

Michael was playing his video games this morning- it’s his time to have for himself, too. While he was playing, I took a walk over to the post office to check the mail. There were only a few things in there. Nothing important.

After that short walk of half a mile, it was time for my workout. I did the 21 day fix Lower Fix workout. I was working out my legs a lot. Tons of squats! All different kinds of squats. Sometimes you forget how many different variations there are of an exercise. Got through the workout, and then had a smoothie. Mango and frozen dark cherries… didn’t taste that good at all. But I drank it anyway!

Here is what the menu looked like:

Ezekiel Flax bread
Farmer’s cheese

Mango Dark Cherry Smoothie

3 pieces of leftover wingstop
Kale- found a few aphids- pretty sure I ate some aphids today. Aphids are bugs in case you didn’t know…


Chicken Breast
Small serving of mac & cheese

Dried Fruit

My workout for the day:

0.5 mile walk to the post office
21 Day Fix Lower Fix

Total calories consumed today: 1233

Tomorrow I have a plan to do my workout after work. I’m not sure if I want to go for a few miles on the trail, or if I want to do another workout from my video. I guess it will all depend on the weather!


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