My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss: Day 25

July 29, 2016

Day 25: When boredom strikes…

Today had to have been the most boring day at work ever. I know, I know. I’m being dramatic. But the one thing that I really struggle with is eating when I’m bored. After working on a report that took me a few hours to complete, I then found myself with nothing left to do.

It’s a slower time at work, and it’s also when a lot of people decide to be nice and bring in food to share. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday today, thank goodness. However, it was the day they restocked the break room refrigerators. The food they bring in is usually not too unhealthy.

There was yogurt, oatmeal, cheese sticks, apples, and granola bars.

Nothing sounded appealing. So I went back to my desk. I sat there going through my emails, cleaning off my desk, reorganizing the paperwork and fliers on the other desks. I even went as far as tearing up all of the papers I would normally just walk over to the shredding bucket.

The hunger was getting to me. But this wasn’t any regular hunger, it was:

Boredom Hunger!

The hunger you feel when you’re not really hungry. Your stomach is just looking for something to do, your body is trying to keep busy, and what better way than to exercise the movement of your fork to your mouth?

I kept myself away from the cookies we still had left over from yesterday. Avoided the bagels and the english muffins. Hid from all of the other temptations there were in the office.

But it still got me… Those Snapea Crisps in my bag were calling my name. The whole bottle of water I had consumed trying to settle the hunger didn’t work, I had to eat them!

And so- I did.

If you couldn’t already tell, today I was especially hungry. The old feelings of extreme hunger I felt during the first few days of reducing my calories were back. And with good reason- I needed to eat more!

I weighed in this morning


Weight Loss: Day 25

This is one of those rare occasions where I’m happy that the scale read the same as it did yesterday. I like this number. It’s far enough away from my beginning weight for me to feel like this is all worth it. Feels like I’m really making progress. And now with 2 days at this same weight, I know I can make it another day at 172.

Here is what the menu looked like:

Ezekiel Flax Bread
Almond Butter



Snapea Crisps at work
Fruit Smoothie after workout

Steak with rice noodles- “Faux Pho” Haha I didn’t have the real ingredients for pho. Try saying “faux pho” 5 times fast!


My workout for the day:

21 Day Fix Upper Fix
21 Day Fix 10 minute abs workout

Total calories consumed today: 1427

So today, I ate a little more, I worked out a little more, and I had such a hard time trying to avoid the boredom. Being bored is dangerous for those of us who eat our feelings.

If you are bored- find something to do right away!

Even if it means that you need to get up to walk around the department at work, or walk to the water fountain to fill up your water bottle. Use your bored hunger as an excuse to drink more water!

You should also never ignore real hunger. If by the time you finish a glass of water and you’ve waited a few minutes, your body is still telling you it’s hungry- it’s time to listen. Always listen for cues from your body. It’s telling you how it really feels, you just need to take the time to listen.


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