My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss: Day 28

August 6, 2016

Day 28: My Final Weigh In

So it’s now the beginning of August. My July 2016 Weight Loss Journey has come to an end.

To summarize how the last 4 weeks went in one word:


It was challenging because everyday I would be hoping for the biggest change in my appearance, but it didn’t happen. Challenging because I wanted to see dramatic results on my scale. And challenging because now that it’s over, I actually want to continue this journey going into August as well.

I hope you all will follow along.

The amount of posts will be different. I will create one post for every week of the month of August. I’m determined to make my way into the 160’s and hopefully I can hit my old plateau weight of 162.

We’ll see how that goes!

Day 28

I felt good about the previous day’s hard work. I was convinced I had eaten well, and exercised properly. Knowing I had avoided the right foods as it mentions in my “blood type diet” I’ve been following. Really, I felt good going into it.

What I should’ve felt was GREAT.

I did my final weigh in:


Weight Loss: Day 28

My lowest weight of the whole month! It was such a wonderful feeling. Had there been a few extra days in the month, or had I started on the first day of the month- I’m convinced I would’ve been able to make it to 170. Or, if I was especially lucky, or trained especially hard, I could’ve made it right below that and into the 160s.

This is the biggest reason why I want to continue sharing my journey with you. Posting my food, my exercise, my calories, my struggles- Everything on here for you to read, has been the greatest sense of accountability. Something I had been missing before in my efforts to lose weight. It always helps to have someone looking into how you’re doing.

Having someone watching every bite, every step, every glass of water. All of these things are crucial to making the right choices toward a healthier You. But having a personal trainer stand there watching you while you’re at your office job sitting at your desk and reaching for a bag of chips instead of a carrot stick- extremely costly! Not to mention awkward! No personal trainers here.

All it takes is someone taking notice in what you’re doing. And that’s what I have here. So again, thank you for all of your help!

I also found my other workout DVD. I have the 21 Day Fix workouts and containers though I don’t use the containers and I couldn’t find the other DVD. Michael and I were doing more decluttering around the house and I managed to find the other workouts! It had been quite a few weeks of trying to switch up the exercises enough that my body didn’t get too used to them. Now that I have found the other DVD, I’m going to switch up the exercises a bit. You will see some new ones in the August Weight Loss Journey

This last month has been full of obstacles, but here are some things that I got right:

1- I fixed the way I ate

I had been eating smaller portions of the same foods that the kids ate. All this time I was trying to be mindful of portion sizes and getting the calories right. What I was missing out on was the nutrition. If only I could get the kids to start eating healthier again. For a little while at the beginning of this year they wanted to eat right. I tried giving them exercise tips, healthy eating tips, and really buying good food for the house. It worked for all of two weeks before they didn’t want to try anymore. I’m trying to set the example by eating healthy all the time.

It can be difficult when you have to cook your own meals separate from the rest of the house. It can be especially difficult when the chicken wings they’re eating smell so good, and I’m stuck with a kale salad! But my health means more to me than any chicken wing! I can honestly tell you that I feel much better after deciding to take care of the way I ate. It all starts with what you put in your body.

2- I started taking exercise seriously.

I am a great walker. Five mile walk? No problem! Want to make it 7 miles? Got it! But what about actually building muscle? After all, Muscle is what continues to burn extra calories all day. While cardio is great for getting your heart rate up and slimming you down a little bit, the muscle you gain is what creates the greatest performance in your body. I started adding in some strength training. Most of the time I use body weight exercises. I already know that I weigh more than I want to. Let me use that extra weight to my advantage for once!

Body weight exercises are a great way to get your body started with strength training. Build your muscles with what your body already comes with first. Then start adding in some extra weights. These will help to gradually increase your strength and hopefully help to prevent injury. You don’t need to be the hulk the first day you exercise! This was a hard concept for me to learn. Carrying 20 pound weights on your first day is not the answer. Working your way up to 10 pound weights, an even better process. You will surely get yourself the right form if you start small and build up.

3- I found myself an accountability partner.

That’s you… If you’re reading these posts, you’re my accountability partner. Maybe you just found this post for the first time and are now going back through the rest of my weight loss journey links, you’re my accountability partner. Maybe you’re following along as I do my own thing, and you’re trying to follow along at your own pace, you’re my accountability partner.

You see the trend there? It’s you.

Find a buddy, find a coworker, pick your spouse. Anyone who can help you make better decisions for yourself. This can even be someone who offers to eat the other half of your slice of cake at the office! But having someone there with you along the way, struggling the way that you are, pushing through it the way that you are, really helps to boost your motivation.

The worst thing about doing this alone is keeping up the motivation.

4- I made my dream board all about my fitness goals.

Yes, I have a dream board! And yes, I use it! Find some fitness quotes that inspire you (there are tons of them!) Maybe you can search for that perfect dress that might not be ready for your body now, but may be perfect for you in a month down the line? What helps keep you motivated? Is it a jar with a few extra dollars in it for every time you work out? Use that money at the end of the month to buy yourself a new set of weights or a new workout outfit.

Maybe your motivation is your pre-pregnancy pants. While you may be tempted to throw them out, you can still work towards this goal again. It’s great to have goals! It’s also great to set up proper goals that are achievable, have some way to track it, and having a plan to create small wins along the way.

Here is what my dream board looks like:

Dream Board August 2016

Quotes, pictures, inspiration, new fitness gear, new fitness equipment, travel inspiration:

Weight Loss Inspiration on Dream Board August 2016

Hardest exercise on my workout DVD. Dream Board August 2016

Travel inspiration on my Dream Board August 2016

Budgeting and Weight Loss, My two biggest goals right now on my Dream Board August 2016

Fitsporation on my Dream Board August 2016

Weight Loss: Day 28- No Excuses picture on my Dream Board August 2016


And my goal meter!

Still working on my Weight Loss: Day 28- fitness goals. Dream Board August 2016

It’s happening every week this month so keep an eye out! You’ll see my weight loss journey updates and hopefully get a chance to see how crazy things are for me once school starts too!

Full time job + ¾ time school + Part time blog = What was I thinking?


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